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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 3549 Audubon Road Montgomery, AL 36111

MLS #283771

Custom quality at a bargain basement price! Built for a prominent Montgomery family and no expense spared at that time. Today you'll enjoy wonderful spaces and lots of upgrades at a price you'd normally pay for a lot less house in an inferior location. Wood and hard tile floors, unbelievable kitchen storage space, his-n-hers walk-in closets in the master bedroom and a yard to warm a beauty-lovers heart. All for as little as $4,900 down and around $825 per month plus taxes and insurance (4.875% FHA). Can't beat this for quality and space so call now!

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 3225 Cloverdale Road

by The Hat Team

Montgomery Real Estate For Sale:

3225 Cloverdale Road, Montgomery AL 36106

MLS# 283791

Cute cottage with a few surprises! This charming home is ready for a buyer who wants to do nothing more than move in and start enjoying living the Cloverdale lifestyle. Large living and dining rooms are perfect for entertaining, and the newly updated kitchen with granite countertops will be a dream to cook in. True master bedroom with en suite bath overlooks rear deck and large back yard. Speaking of, if you have several cars or like restoring or collecting vintage autos, you will love the 4-bay "garage-mahal" out back with additional +-1,000 sq ft of walk-up floored attic storage. The outdoor "kitty cage" will delight cat lovers (and their cats) and would make a perfect bird and squirrel-proof garden area. Located just a block from Cloverdale Bottom Park, and within easy walking distance to Cloverdale's dining and entertainment district.

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Montgomery AL Real Estate: Understanding Shadow Inventory

by The Hat Team

Shadow inventory is the number of foreclosed properties currently owned by banks (or will be owned in the future) that are sitting empty and are not currently for sale. 

Many analysts use the “tip of the iceberg” analogy to describe the 'shadow inventory' situation, feeling that a massive number of distressed properties and underwater loans sits just below the surface. Some believe that the number of potential homes for sale greatly exceeds the number currently on the market. No significant appreciation of Alabama real estate and home prices will take place until the shadow inventory that exists works its way through the real estate market.

The map below shows the number of months it would take to clear the shadow inventory by state. The months’ supply is estimated by dividing the shadow inventory and the monthly number of distressed sales. As you can see, Alabama has 8 months of shadow inventory to contend with.


Now take a look at how the Midtown Montgomery real estate market performed in March.

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for March show the average sales price decreased by 2% to $135,457 when compared to March 2010.  The number of homes sold decreased by 47% in March.  The median sales prices decreased by 8%, while market times decreased 34% or 65 days.  The highest selling home price decreased by 26%, and the lowest selling home price decreased by 50%.

Midtown Montgomery March 2011 March 2010
Homes Sold 20 38
Average Selling Price $ 135,457 $ 138,275
Median Selling Price $ 120,500 $ 130,500
Days On The Market 129 194
Highest Selling Price $ 350,000 $ 470,000
Lowest Selling Price $ 4,500 $ 9,000

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Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 575 Cloverdale Road Montgomery, AL 36106


Take life easy! You can enjoy strolling to the Roux, Chop House, Pine Bar and Filet and Vine. Timeless style and classic proportions mean this townhouse style condo will always have market appeal. Tile has been installed throughout the first floor living areas to provide durability and good looks. Granite counters and a glass block backsplash bring the kitchen right up to date. If you're downsizing and are concerned about where to put all your stuff, this condo is the place for you! Spend all your time enjoying life because your new home has just been totally done over from stem to stern. And ownership here will be easy! No yard to mow and no-hassle owner financing with as little at 10% down. Call us today and make this up-to-date condo your new home! 

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How Montgomery AL Real Estate Buyers Can Be Credit Savvy

by The Hat Team

Your credit score is a number that helps lenders predict how likely you are to make your payments on time. This score affects your ability to obtain credit and helps determine what you pay for credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages on Montgomery AL real estate. Even your insurance rate is related to your score. The higher your score, often referred to as a FICO score, the more apt you are to be approved for and pay a lower interest rate on new loans.

credit reportWhat do the numbers mean?

FICO scores range from 300 to 850, with most people scoring in the 600s and 700s, and are generally rated from excellent to very bad.

  • Above 800 is considered excellent. This rating reflects that fact that you pay bills on time, have a strong credit history, and have not filed for bankruptcy. You use your credit responsibly.
  • Between 750 and 800 falls into the very good category. You are considered a very low risk because of your history of paying bills on time and acting responsibly.
  • Between 700 and 750 puts you in the low risk range. You my have missed some payments in the past, but you current record is good. You do not have an excessive amount of credit card debt.
  • Between 650 and 700, or fair, means you are a moderate risk. Your credit history may include older negative items, too many recent applications for new credit, or a higher than normal credit card debt.
  • Between 600 and 650 is a bad score, and you are deemed a high risk for purchasing Montgomery AL real estate. Your score most likely reflects high credit card debt, late payments, collections, or bankruptcy, and you may well be turned down for new credit.
  • Below 600 is considered very bad, and you are viewed as a very high credit risk. If you are approved at all, it will be at a much high interest rate--or you may even need a cosigner or a very large down payment in order to secure a loan.

If you have not yet established a credit history due to lack of credit cards and/or loans, you may have no credit score. Opening a new credit card account and using it responsibly for a few months should alleviate this problem.

What makes up the credit score?

Your payment history comprises 35% of the score, with the amount of debt you have affects about 30%. 15% of the score is derived from the length of your credit history, with 10% resulting from recent new credit applications. Other factors such a s a variety of credit types make up the final 10%.

How can you improve your score?

  • Use you credit cards to establish a positive and consistent pattern of payment.
  • Check your credit report for inaccuracies. This is a common problem, so look for and report misinformation.
  • Have a variety of debt. In addition to a mortgage on your Montgomery AL real estate, add auto loans and credit cards to the mix. It is important to demonstrate good money management in more than one area.

The three major credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. You are entitled to one free credit report a year from each of the three.

Going Green In The Garden Of Your Montgomery Alabama Real Estate

by The Hat Team

In the push to be eco-friendly in their daily lives, gardeners are turning their attention to ways to “save the planet” in their own backyards. There are many natural ways to reduce both pollution and harm to the environment, and manufacturers of gardening aids are producing more and more synthetic products that are non-toxic. Although old habits are hard to break, there are some relatively simple and inexpensive steps you can take to become a green gardener at your Montgomery Alabama real estate.


Using compost not only creates healthy soil, it also conditions the soil to become less water dependent.


Substances such as blood meal, bone meal, cottonseed meal, fish emulsion, greensand, and rock phosphate are excellent nutrient supplements, as are CowPots, “plantable" cow manure in the shape of pots.


Try using natural controls such as nemodes at your Montgomery Alabama real estate. Eliminate the use of chemical -laced products like insecticides, fertilizer, and slug pellets. Each of these has negative repercussions such as killing birds, toads, and beneficial insects. Synthetic pesticides contain imidacloprid, which is non-threatening to non-pests. An annual application is all that is needed.


Solutions made with milk, baking soda, and some cooking oils are effective, as is 20% concentrate vinegar, clove and citric oils, and corn gluten. Active ingredients in natural controls include Neem oil, canola oil, mild soaps, and pyrethrius. One safe and effective product on the market is Greencure.


Although use of mulch is a good way to reduce water consumption and weeds at your Montgomery Alabama real estategreen home, some mulch contains potentially hazardous materials. To ensure that your brand/type is not harmful, look for an MSC (Mulch and Soil Council) product label on the bag.


Whenever possible, use peat substitute rather than peat, which is a non-renewable resource whose loss damages both the environments and animal habitats. Likewise, consider using artificial stone rather than quarried stone for ornamental purposes. Rain barrels are an excellent way to capture an important natural resource, and the use of electric mowers and garden equipment rather than gas-powered greatly reduces the number of released pollutants.


If you must use non-organic gardening materials, please apply them responsibly. It is important that you limit their use to late afternoon or early evening when beneficial pollinators are less active and therefore less susceptible. Carefully measure recommended amounts and do not exceed the limit on the label.


Overall, Montgomery rental property provides more tax benefits than almost any other investment. The deductions listed below are the most common, but you are urged to consult with your accountant and/or the IRS regarding your personal situation.montgomery real estate

  • MORTGAGE INTEREST: This can be a fairly large deduction if you are carrying a mortgage on your rental property. Other interest deductions can be for loans for improving the property and interest on credit cards for goods or services used in a rental-related activity. (Note: It is much easier to maintain records if you keep your personal credit card(s) separate from a business credit card.)
  • DEPRECIATION: The actual cost of rental property is not fully deductible in the year in which it is purchased. Residential rental property must be depreciated over 27.5 years.
  • HOME OFFICE: If certain requirements are met, you may deduct your home office expenses from your taxable income. This deduction applies not only to space devoted to office work, but also to a workshop or any other home workspace you use for your rental business. A portion of a workshop used in connection with your Montgomery rental property may also be deducted.
  • REPAIRS: Usually the costs of repairs to rental property are fully deductible in the year in which they are incurred if they are ordinary, necessary, and reasonable in number. Examples of deductible repairs include repainting, fixing gutters, leaks, or floors, plastering, and replacing broken windows.
  • INSURANCE AND LOSSES: You can deduct the premiums you pay for almost any insurance for your Montgomery real estate. The list generally includes fire, theft, and flood for the property itself, as well as landlord liability insurance. (Note: If you have employees, you may also deduct their health and workers’ compensation insurance.) If you sustain losses due to fire, flood, or theft, you will most likely be able to deduct at least part of the loss, depending on the extent of damage and your insurance coverage.
  • ADVERTISING: Expenses related to advertising your rental are deductible.
  • TRAVEL: If it is necessary for you to travel a long distance for rental activity, you can typically deduct your airfare, hotel bills, meals, etc. Make sure that you claim only those costs directly related to your rental. The IRS scrutinizes these types of deductions carefully, so be sure to carefully document your expenses. If your travel is relatively close, you use your own vehicle, and your travel is related to your rental property, you can either take a standard mileage rate deduction or keep records for related vehicle expenses (gas, upkeep, repairs). To qualify for the standard mileage rate, you must use the standard mileage method the first year you use a car for your business activity. Moreover, you can’t use the standard mileage rate if you have claimed accelerated depreciation deductions in prior years, or have taken a Section 179 deduction for the vehicle.
  • LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Expenses paid to an attorney for an eviction, a property management company, tax advisors, employees and independent contractors, etc., are often deductible as they are considered part of operating costs.
  • EMPLOYEES AND INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: Whenever you hire anyone to perform services for your Montgomery rental property, you may deduct their wages as a business expense. Examples include a resident manager, cleaning service, landscaper, remover of snow or trash, and the like.

10 Tips For Creating Curb Appeal In Your Montgomery AL Home

by The Hat Team

If you’re trying to sell your Montgomery AL home this spring, curb appeal is a crucial element in attracting busy home buyers. In this buyers’ market, outside “staging” has become as important as interior preparation for a successful showing, as drive-by lookers often make the decision not to investigate further if they are unimpressed with the exterior of your property. It is important, therefore, that yhouseou consider the following tips:

        1. Clear away leaves, fallen branches, and summer residue to enhance appearance and ensure safety.

        2. Remove and replace brown or dead plantings in beds. Think about adding perennial creeping plants and those with colorful foliage and/or berries to add color, shape, texture, and interest to your yard.

        3. Clean out gutters and downspouts for both looks and safety purposes.

        4. Mulch plant beds. This action helps plants retain moisture, protects them from freezing, and adds appealing colors and textures to the property of your Montgomery AL home.

        5. Prune and thin trees and bushes. Three purposes in doing this: the health of the plants, human safety, and esthetic appearance.

        6. Inspect edging and replace that which is rotting or broken. Decorative brick, concrete, or metal edging can be quite attractive.

        7. Replace worn-out or dated light fixtures, door hardware, house numbers, and mailbox. Think about using those made of copper, bronze, or brushed nickel for an interesting and appealing effect.

        8. Install outdoor lighting. By doing so, you will ensure the safety of nighttime buyers as well as highlight the beauty of your Montgomery AL home. Use lights along pathways, in trees, on garage doors, in flower beds and as a means to illuminate your front door.

        9. Replenish any fading or peeling paint (on doors, trim, and steps), rusty railings, or rotting wood.

        10. Keep seasonal decorations simple. Choose holiday décor that will enhance your home rather than detract from it.

These ten tips for creating curb appeal can easily transform your home into one that attracts would-be buyers and invites them to come inside.

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