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The Greening Of Your Montgomery AL Home

by The Hat Team

As you may already know, the addition of live plants in your home is a frequently used decorating tool which creates a relaxed atmosphere, adds visual impact, and fills empty spaces. But did you also realize that “bringing nature inside” actually makes your Montgomery AL home a healthier place?

Indoor environments are filled with dangerous volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) given off by furniture, paint, plastics, adhesives, carpets, insulation, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, and building materials--but don’t despair! One NASA study found that common houseplants--in addition to absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and providing humidity--can improve indoor air quality by removing up to 87% of air toxins from your Montgomery AL homelight bulb in 24 hours.

Once interior pollutants are decreased in your home, you and your family will most likely experience fewer coughs, colds, headaches, sore throats, and less fatigue by as much as 30%. Studies have also shown that the presence of green houseplants generates a calming effect on the inhabitants, especially children. One study in England found that restlessness and behavioral problem among children in rooms containing plants was reduced by 70%! Also, since green plants absorb noise, they help relax the nervous system, thus lowering stress levels.

So what plants to choose? All houseplants improve the quality of indoor air, but some are particularly effective purifiers. Many of these originated in the tropics in low light, so they are efficient at processing and absorbing gasses needed for photosynthesis. Most are also insect resistant and are fairly easy to grow. Especially popular are the following:

  • Mother fern
  • Boston fern
  • Philodendrons
  • Palms
  • Ficus
  • Peace lilies
  • Ivy
  • Rubber plants
  • Spider plant

Mix it up and have a variety of types. Don’t ignore corners; not all plants need to be near a window. Take care of your plants so they can do their job; keep the soil/root area clean and avoid overwatering, which can cause mold!

Going Green In The Garden Of Your Montgomery Alabama Real Estate

by The Hat Team

In the push to be eco-friendly in their daily lives, gardeners are turning their attention to ways to “save the planet” in their own backyards. There are many natural ways to reduce both pollution and harm to the environment, and manufacturers of gardening aids are producing more and more synthetic products that are non-toxic. Although old habits are hard to break, there are some relatively simple and inexpensive steps you can take to become a green gardener at your Montgomery Alabama real estate.


Using compost not only creates healthy soil, it also conditions the soil to become less water dependent.


Substances such as blood meal, bone meal, cottonseed meal, fish emulsion, greensand, and rock phosphate are excellent nutrient supplements, as are CowPots, “plantable" cow manure in the shape of pots.


Try using natural controls such as nemodes at your Montgomery Alabama real estate. Eliminate the use of chemical -laced products like insecticides, fertilizer, and slug pellets. Each of these has negative repercussions such as killing birds, toads, and beneficial insects. Synthetic pesticides contain imidacloprid, which is non-threatening to non-pests. An annual application is all that is needed.


Solutions made with milk, baking soda, and some cooking oils are effective, as is 20% concentrate vinegar, clove and citric oils, and corn gluten. Active ingredients in natural controls include Neem oil, canola oil, mild soaps, and pyrethrius. One safe and effective product on the market is Greencure.


Although use of mulch is a good way to reduce water consumption and weeds at your Montgomery Alabama real estategreen home, some mulch contains potentially hazardous materials. To ensure that your brand/type is not harmful, look for an MSC (Mulch and Soil Council) product label on the bag.


Whenever possible, use peat substitute rather than peat, which is a non-renewable resource whose loss damages both the environments and animal habitats. Likewise, consider using artificial stone rather than quarried stone for ornamental purposes. Rain barrels are an excellent way to capture an important natural resource, and the use of electric mowers and garden equipment rather than gas-powered greatly reduces the number of released pollutants.


If you must use non-organic gardening materials, please apply them responsibly. It is important that you limit their use to late afternoon or early evening when beneficial pollinators are less active and therefore less susceptible. Carefully measure recommended amounts and do not exceed the limit on the label.

Go Green For a Faster Montgomery Home Sale

by The Hat Team

Many of today’s buyers in the market for a Montgomery home are looking for one that is eco-friendly. They want a house that is energy-efficient and combats detriments to the environment. Listed below are some relative easy to do and cost-efficient ways you can appeal to potential eco-conscious buyers.

1. Insulate. Insulate. Insulate.
green homeUse pipe insulators to keep hot water hot for a longer time and a hot water heater blanket ($10.00 to $20.00) to both prevent temperature loss and reduce the amount of electricity/gas needed to maintain the water temperature. Be aware that the further heat or air conditioning has to travel, the greater the temperature loss. Insulating your heating and cooling ducts can prevent up to 60% of this loss. Remember that even a small area of inadequate or damaged insulation can greatly reduce efficiency.

2. Reduce heating/cooling expenses.
Replace or clean all filters on a regular basis to reduce inefficiency. Eliminate all sources of drafts by checking windows, doors, electrical outlets, fireplaces, and attic floors for leaks (even small cracks lead to energy loss) and by using caulking or weather stripping to seal them. In addition, for a cost of $200 to $400, you can run a blower door test to discover the main, and many times hidden, sources of energy leaks in your home.

It is also important to schedule a HVAC cleaning/checkup every two years and to investigate the need for a programmable thermostat to save energy while you sleep or are away from home. If your windows, aging appliances, furnace, or hot water heater needs to be replaced, you should certainly consider purchasing ENERGY STAR products to save 10% to 30% of the usual operating costs.

3. Consume less water.
Since your Montgomery home is located in a resort area, water bills are generally high. Take steps to reduce this expense by installing low flow showerheads, toilets, and faucet aerators.

4. Don’t ignore the outside.
Planting shade trees and shrubs in strategic locations on the grounds of your Montgomery home can lower your cooling costs by as much as 25%, and because they also act as wind barriers, your heating costs can be reduced by up to 20%. In addition, the leafless trees will allow sunshine through in the winter (good for mental health as well as warmth). Also consider water conservation when landscaping. Look for lawn grasses and plants that are drought resistant and natural to the area.

The “Go Green” slogan is not a passing fad. Realistic buyers, who are both cost-conscious and ecologically aware, want to own a Montgomery home that reduces their day-to-day utility expenses and allows them to play a part in preserving the environment. The purchase of a green home benefits both the buyer and the seller in today’s market.

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