Cloverdale Idlewild Real Estate & Information

Cloverdale Idlewild Real Estate & Information

The Cloverdale/Idlewild area encompasses Fairview Avenue and Norman Bridge to Woodley Terrace and Edgemont/Glen Grattan. The middle class neighborhood features Bungalow and Cottage style architecture with a high concentration of the Tudor Revival style with high pitched roofs not seen in any other areas except on Watson in the Old Cloverdale area.

40 acres to Dr. Thomas Brannon Hubbard for the sum of $15,000. Other plats of land were also sold off during this period. John Haardt purchased the area called South Cloverdale Heights, which encompassed Wellington Road and parts of Lexington Road.

The Hubbards placed restrictions on the land they owned that was being developed. Real estate could only be used for residential purposes. No structures could be built within in forty feet of Mastin lane and the still-existing Mastin Homeplace. And none of the cedar, mock orange, sugar berry or other trees could be cut down without the Mastin's approval. All structures had to face the street and had to be above $5000 in value. Additional structures, such as garages or servants quarters had to be built behind the main house.

Today, Cloverdale/Idlewild thrives with community spirit and revitalization, including an annual Christmas Caroling event and a 4th of July parade each year. Residents have just begun a petition drive toward achieving local and national historic designation.

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