Old Cloverdale Real Estate & Information

Old Cloverdale Real Estate & Information

Few neighborhoods can rival the scenic beauty of Old Cloverdale, one of Montgomery's oldest and most picturesque residential areas. The Cloverdale area was originally a portion of a 160 acre tract of land purchased by William Graham from the U.S. Government in 1817.

At that time Graham's tract of land, considered to be "way out in the country," was covered with virgin pine, which garnered it the name Graham's Woods. Some of those virgin pines still exist in Old Cloverdale neighborhoods, which is why the area was sometimes called "The Pines."

Open glens covered in clover could also be found in the area. In 1892, the plan for the area was designed and the name "Cloverdale" was adopted by the community. The original plan consisted of winding streets with large irregular shaped lots overlooking several parks and a large lake site. Cloverdale's current plan differs only slightly from that original drawing.

Old Cloverdale is perhaps best known for its natural landscaping that resembles a lovely English garden, which transports anyone who visits to a simpler time. It is believed that Joseph Forsyth Johnson, the English landscape architect, designed the area. Because of the nationwide economic panic of the time, the land was dormant for 15 years. In 1908 there were only 10 houses in Old Cloverdale, but by 1916 there were 125.

Old Cloverdale continues to thrive and has retained its sense of neighborhood spirit through the years. Its beauty and simple charm remain timeless, making it one of Montgomery's choice residential areas.

For more Old Cloverdale community information, visit the Old Cloverdale Association.

In the news, 28 February 2010: The Cloverdale Playhouse - Residents Converting Church into Multi Use Facility.

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