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Montgomery AL Home For Sale: 4679 Conti Lane

by The Hat Team

Montgomery AL Home For Sale:

4679 Conti Lane, Montgomery AL 36116
MLS# 323010

Great Opportunity!

4679 conti lane

Lender's loss is your gain! Disabled veteran can no longer afford to stay, so home is priced below market for quick sale. Just blocks to elementary and junior high schools. Great corner lot with fruit trees. Established area. Even a carport! Short sale, so please allow extra time for the process to work.

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Tips To Get Your Finances in Order for the New Year

by The Hat Team


We all have New Year’s resolutions each year.  Why not make 2016 a great one by deciding once and for all to get your finances in order.  There are several ways that you can make a big step to improving your finances for this coming year that are not that difficult to do. 

  • One of the first things you should do in order to get a hold of your finances is to write down everything you spend for at least a month.  This way you will be able to clearly see where your money is going and where it is not.  You may find that you are a bit surprised by exactly how much money you waste on a daily basis buying things that you can definitely do without. 
  • Another easy step to taking a hold of your financial situation this coming year is to start paying off your credit cards.  It is a good idea to start with the smallest amounts owed on credit and pay that amount off first, then move to the larger amounts owed and whittle them down as well.  Once you pay off your credit cards do your best to do without them if you possibly can.  Living on a cash only basis is a great way to take charge of your finances.  If you don’t have it, you don’t spend it…it can be as simple as that!
  • This is a bit old school, but clipping coupons is a great way to help ease financial strains that you may have gotten yourself into.  There are several ways to coupon and many times you can get products completely free of charge if you get good enough at couponing.   Make a stockpile of things that you use on a regular basis such as toilet paper and toothpaste and other items you can get very cheap or free.
  • If you can, it is a good idea to save up an emergency fund for things that may go wrong now and again such as car repairs and the like.  A good amount to strive to save up is around $1,000.  This will be a big help when you find yourself in need. 

This should be a good start to getting you thinking about your finances and how to take control of them before they take control of you.  This time of year it can be hard to think about finances due to the holidays and all that they include but it is well worth it if you do so that you can start out the New Year in the right direction.   

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

How To Make Your Move a Success

by The Hat Team


The big day is almost here!  You and your family are moving out of your old house into the new home you have finally closed on!  It’s an exciting time, however moving can be a huge headache if you go into it unprepared.  Below are a few tips and ideas on how to make your move a success.

  • If you plan to hire a moving company to take care of your move for you, don’t be afraid to do your homework on the different moving companies.  There are some moving companies out there that will help to make your move a lot easier while there are others that can simply make the entire process a nightmare.  You owe it to yourself to do a bit of research and to find the best moving company you possibly can.
  • Another bit of advice for moving from one house to another is to prep for the move ahead of time.  Make sure that your movers know if they will be moving heavy things such as kitchen appliances and have them unplugged and cleaned out before the movers arrive so that they can easily and quickly get the heavy objects taken out of the way. 
  • Get your packing done before the big moving day arrives.  Moving companies do not want to be tripping over you while you are frantically packing last minute items into boxes that have yet to be taped and ready to move.  If you have your job done before the movers arrive, they will be able to get their job done in a quick and successful manner.  It’s also a good idea to stack your boxes against the walls of the rooms so that the movers can easily move about as they are working.  Again, if your job is done, their job will be easier and all will be happy.
  • Label your boxes so that movers will understand what room it goes in.  If you label the boxes with your kid’s names, it’s likely the movers will have no idea which room the box belongs in once they arrive at your new home.  Keep it simple and label the boxes accordingly. 

If you do your part to make sure you have done all you can do to make the move an easy process,  the moving company will be free to do their job and do it right.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Land For Sale in Montgomery Alabama: 2662 Woodley Rd

by The Hat Team

Land For Sale in Montgomery Alabama:

2662 Woodley Road, Montgomery AL 36111
MLS# 305052

Build Your Dream Home!

2662 woodley road
Build your dream home here! Seller financing on this nicely treed lot keeps your credit unencumbered so getting a construction loan is possible. Surrounded by lovely executive residences and conveniently located to Baptist South complex, Alfa, downtown and businesses along Zelda Rd.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 1604 Gilmer Ave

by The Hat Team

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

1604 Gilmer Ave, Montgomery AL 36104
MLS# 321195

You’ll Be Blown Away!

Zelda Didn't Sleep Here...but She Would Have if She Could Have! If you like Zelda, value drama and excitement, you'll fall head-over-heels for this incredible "new house in an old skin." Its story reads like a prize-winning novel, and its fabulous light and amazing spaces will sweep you off your feet! A professional designer spared no expense to create a home in the Garden District of Midtown that can be yours trouble-free for decades. There is a 3-room master suite plus guest bedroom and bath on first floor; 3 more bedrooms and 2 baths up plus den and playroom. Renovation just completed and every surface sparkles! You're bound to be the envy of your friends when they attend parties that are sure to make the news. Guest house and 4-car garage, too, so see it today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team.


Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Trends - August 2015

by The Hat Team

August 2015 Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Update

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for August 2015, show the number of homes sold increased 19.35% The average sales price increased by 10.10% to $155,282 for the month. The median sales price increased 15.35% to $124,000, and market times decreased by 27 days.  The highest selling price decreased by 4.82% from August  2014.

Midtown Montgomery  August 2015   August 2014
Homes Sold 37 31
Average Selling Price $155,282 $141,040
Median Selling Price $124,000 $107,500
Days On The Market 134 161
Highest Selling Price $790,000 $830,000
Lowest Selling Price $7,130 $11,000

Think you’re ready to buy?

Watch this short video to get advice on how to know when you’re ready to buy and what you need to get a competitively-priced loan.

For the latest Midtown Montgomery real estate market conditions in your area, please call me at 800-HAT-LADY or visit

Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Montgomery AL Home For Sale: 5635 Ash Grove Court

by The Hat Team

Montgomery AL Home For Sale:

5635 Ash Grove Court, Montgomery AL 36116
MLS# 320928

Lovely and Spacious Garden Home!

No need to trash your treasured possessions when you move to this spacious garden home in scenic, secure Grove Park! Nearly 1,900 square feet including 3 bedrooms and a 2-car garage offer all the space you need. And an entry gate closed sunset to sunrise assures your security. The club room and many activities provide lots of chances to enjoy the company of others. And when you just want to be alone, nature walks and a lovely park beckon. Lawn care provided for one monthly fee too, so call today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team.


Who is Your Champion?

by The Hat Team

warriorThe Super Bowl and World Series determine the football and baseball champions. Since there can only be one champion, the other team loses the competition. In feudal times, a knight might champion for the king or a patriotic, romantic or religious cause.

Fierce competition can occur when buying or selling a home because each party wants to get the “best deal” possible. When the buyer and seller are not equally matched, and they rarely are, it is important to have a champion on your side to fight for your cause.

The price of the home, the type of financing and concessions, personal property, closing dates and possession are just a few of the many things that can be negotiated in a contract. Since the seller wants to get the most for their house and the buyer wants to pay the least, their causes are diametrically opposed.

Even after the contract is signed, removing the contingencies can cause considerable negotiations. The inspections or the appraisal could be the source of reevaluating the terms and provisions of the contract.

Negotiating the sale or purchase of a home is definitely a competition and you need a champion on your side.

Information provided by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Montgomery AL Home For Sale: 2036 Gorgas St

by The Hat Team

Montgomery AL Home For Sale:

2036 Gorgas Street, Montgomery AL 36106
MLS# 319970

Great House With Plenty Of Space!

2036 gorgas st
Looking for room to spread out? Check out this spacious brick home conveniently located in Midtown! Hard wood floors throughout, large living room, dining room and eat-in kitchen. Master bedroom downstairs with updated tiled shower and walk-in closet. Upstairs are two bedrooms and extra space for a play room, den or whatever meets your needs. Nice covered deck overlooking the back yard. This is a great house with plenty of space, check it out today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 2757 Fairmont Rd

by The Hat Team

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

2757 Fairmont Rd, Montgomery AL 36111
MLS# 319851

It’s All About the Space!

2757 fairmont rd

It's all about that SPACE, 'bout that SPACE! Versatile spaces allow for creative use of rooms (formal living room is used as a family-sized dining room, formal dining room as a sitting room.) Family time will be enjoyed in the over-sized den with cozy fireplace and wall of built-ins for books and collectibles. HUGE master bedroom is sure to please with its own lounging area which boasts a cozy fireplace, and opens to a cool screened porch. Relaxing is made easy on the spacious covered patio overlooking a shady back yard… perfect for summer cook-outs and parties. And on top of everything else… it’s in desirable Midtown Montgomery!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

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