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How to Spruce Up a Boring Kitchen

by The Hat Team

The kitchen is a place in the home where many hours are spent preparing meals and spending time with family.  If the kitchen is boring and not ecstatically pleasing to you or your family, no one is going to want to spend any time there.  Below is a list of a few ways in which you can spruce up your boring kitchen and make it a place where you really love to be.  

  1. One of the first ways you might think about to spruce up a boring kitchen is buying new appliances.  The typical type of appliance these days is stainless steel.  Another type of appliance that folks are using these days are the ones that look just like cabinets.  Whatever type of appliance you decide to buy, you will be helping your kitchen look as good as it possibly can.
  2. Another way to spruce up your kitchen is by changing the paint color.  If your kitchen is older, it is possible that the paint has gotten worn over the years and adding a pop of color with new paint can make all the difference in the world.
  3. Yet another good way to spruce up a boring kitchen  is by changing the cabinets.  You can choose to have all new cabinets put in or you could just change the way they look by painting them.  Antiquing is a popular way to refinish and spruce up furniture.  Antiqued cabinets are very beautiful and can make a kitchen look really nice. 
  4. Buying some new lighting for your kitchen is an easy way to spruce it up.  You can get as crazy as you want with lighting when it comes to making your kitchen an exciting place to be.  Go to your local hardware or lighting store to see what all is available for you to choose from. 
  5. New flooring in the kitchen is another way to make it look updated.  If you currently have laminate you may want to change it to tile, or you could choose to extend the hardwoods from the family room or whatever room adjoins the kitchen into the kitchen.   

These are just a few ideas for sprucing up a boring kitchen.  Hopefully they will get you started in the right direction for making your kitchen a room that everyone wants to congregate in.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Nursery Decorating Ideas to Welcome Your Little One

by The Hat Team

Decorating your home can be fun but no other room is more fun than decorating the nursery for the arrival of a new little one.  Nothing brings more happiness than welcoming a new baby into the world and what better way to welcome your new bundle of joy into your home than by fixing the nursery up for them.  Below are a few nursery decorating ideas to welcome your new little one. 

  1. A little baby is nothing more than a miracle from above so why not decorate your new baby’s room like the royalty that they are.  Decorating the nursery  in a royal theme is a perfect idea whether you are welcoming a tiny prince or a princess.  You can keep the décor unisex by adding some rich colors to the wall or adding a chandelier to the ceiling.  Adding a few decorative pillows maybe in the shape of a crown might be a good idea as well. 
  2. Another cool idea for decorating your nursery is to make it extremely colorful with balloon décor.  This type of room can be unisex as well if you stick to the primary colors of yellow, blue, green and red.  If you want to get really creative you could paint a balloon mural on the wall and perhaps an outdoor scene to go along with it. 
  3. If you like country décor you could use painted pallets to add a touch of southern sass to the room.  This type of country décor can be unisex if you want or you can make it more of a cowboy feel or a cowgirl feel depending on which you have been blessed with. 
  4. Yet another great decorating idea to welcome your new little one into their new room is a Hollywood glitz and glam room.  Sheer curtains hung throughout the room with walls painted pink is a great way to get this particular look and feel.  Yet again, a chandelier may be appropriate for this type of room. 
  5. If you want another gender neutral idea for your baby's room  you can use colors such as grey and yellow.  These colors are not only unisex they are timeless as well.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Tips for Remodeling Your Home and Where to Start

by The Hat Team


The housing market is doing well and therefore many folks are starting to think about putting their homes on the market.  Folks may sometimes decide to do a little bit of remodeling before they put their house on the market so that they may get the money they want or need out of it. There are many ways to remodel your home without having to put a lot of money into it. Let's take a look at a few tips for remodeling your home and where to start. 

  • A good place to start when remodeling your home is your front door. The front door is one of the first things people see when they take a look at your home and therefore it is an important focal point to concentrate on. You can paint your front door a color that will stand out while still matching the exterior of the house or you may want to purchase a new front door with some decorative glass to give it an extra flair. 
  • Adding a fireplace to a home is a great way to remodel it and make it more appealing to potential buyers. This time of year makes a fireplace a very desirable addition to any home.
  • If your home has carpet you may want to consider replacing the carpet with hardwoods. If you are lucky enough there may even be beautiful hardwoods underneath the carpet. If that is the case you won't have to do much except pull up the carpet and refinish the floors. 

You can choose to remodel many rooms in your home or you may decide to just do a small amount of remodeling, either way you are likely to get more money for your home once you put it on the market so make your remodeling choices wisely. If remodeling sounds like a daunting task to you, go ahead and hire a professional to get the job done for you. Plan to have enough time to do the job well and to do it right the first time and then plan to put your house on the market once you are finished with all of the remodeling.  Do not put your house on the market before you have completed all the remodeling in its entirety. The last thing you need is folks coming to look at your house with a remodel going on and all the mess that comes along with that. 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Realtor Sandra Nickel, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

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