With interest rates so low and economic uncertainty so high, it is no wonder that many owners of Montgomery AL homes are considering paying off, or at least paying down, their mortgages earlier than expected. The topic is a homecontroversial one, however, with real estate and financial experts vociferously arguing about both the advantages and disadvantages of such a move.

Proponents of early pay-offs cite benefits such as a strong sense of financial stability, added housing security, and financial flexibility, whereas opponents point out the loss of liquidity and investment opportunities.  Both sides agree, however, that you should pay off high interest loans first, establish a comfortable emergency fund, and utilize a mortgage calculator to analyze financial gain or loss incurred in the early pay-off of the mortgage on your Montgomery AL home.

In the event that you decide that you do wish to own your Montgomery AL home free and clear now—or in the near future-- there are steps you need to follow.   First, the process is the same whether you obtained your loan from a bank, a credit union, or a mortgage broker/banker. You signed a promissory note and a deed of trust (or mortgage) which was recorded among the land records in the jurisdiction where your property is located.

Before you send in a check, contact your lender and get a written payoff statement, which will include a per-diem interest. Remember that interest accrues daily, and you have to pay the lender up to the date it actually receives your check.( Many title attorneys actually send the lender a few more days' interest just to be on the safe side. Legitimate lenders will refund any overage.)

After you have paid the lien off, some documentation (release or satisfaction) must be recorded among those same land records reflecting that the loan has been paid in full. Talk to your lender as to its procedure. Most will take care of recording the release for a nominal fee; some will send you the promissory note and deed of trust marked "paid and canceled" and ask you to handle the recording.  Be sure you get the original documents back from the lender.

You should also (1) advise your insurance carrier in writing that you no longer have a mortgage; (2) request the real estate taxing authorities in your jurisdiction send you the original tax bills; and (3) stop any automatic payments with your bank.

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