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Montgomery AL Home For Sale: 1960 Ridge Avenue

by The Hat Team


Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

1960 Ridge Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36106
MLS# 419485

Tri-Plex | Newly Renovated | Old Cloverdale

Location, location, location! Classic Colonial style brick tri-plex in the heart of Old Cloverdale is back on the market, better than ever! Owners have made repairs/improvements since this property was last offered for sale. Renovations to upstairs unit include kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and the addition of French doors into living room, allowing it to be used as a 2nd bedroom if needed (large dining room is ample space for living/dining combo.) Two downstairs units are each two bedroom, one bath with spacious living areas and updated kitchens. Ample parking on the side, and 2 car garage has been updated to include garage doors for covered parking. This would be a great start for a new investor, or the perfect addition to an existing portfolio. OR, live in upstairs unit and rent out two bottom units, basically live for FREE, and have tenants pay your mortgage!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Electrical Safety Hazards - Tips to Prevent Them

by The Hat Team

Electricity is a beautiful thing.  It provides warmth in the winter and cools you off during hot summer months. It gives you light in the dark and makes chores like washing/drying clothes and doing dishes so much easier.  You take it for granted because you’ve always had it and you certainly can’t even imagine what life would be like without it.  Because it is such a normal part of your life, you probably don’t stop to think about how dangerous it can be.  It is important to be educated about possible electrical problems in your home so that you will know how to deal with them before they happen.

  1. Do you know how old your home is?  Often older homes don’t have the capacity for electricity that current technology uses.  If you have never had an electrical safety inspection by a professional, now is the time to do so.  If your home’s electrical wiring has not been updated to safely handle all the current that your family uses, it is crucial to have it done .
  2. Is your electrical panel hot to the touch?  It shouldn’t be.  Check the brand of your panel. Several brands are outdated or faulty and should be replaced.  A faulty electrical panel can lead to a fire.  That is not something anyone should risk.
  3. Outlets should not be hot either.  If you feel an electrical outlet and it is warm or hot, it means there could be a problem.  There are dangerous issues indicated by a warm/hot outlet. Whether it’s too much demand on the outlet, faulty or melting wiring, or other precarious situations, you don’t want to ignore it.
  4. Keep plugged in appliances away from water.  This seems obvious, right?  But sometimes limited space forces us to use electrical appliances near sinks or bathtubs.  Whether you are blow-drying your hair at your bathroom vanity or your kitchen only has one plug for your toaster and it’s right by the sink, be extra careful.  If a plugged-in appliance gets wet, don’t unplug it. Go to your electrical panel and unplug the power source for the outlet you’re using.  Then you can unplug it.
  5. Make sure you are using the correct wattage light bulbs.  Using a higher wattage than can safely be accommodated by a lamp or light fixture may overload its wiring, which is a fire hazard.  It’s ok to use a light bulb with wattage equal to or less than that called for on the lamp’s socket.  If you want brighter light, look for a lamp that uses a higher wattage bulb.
  6. Use an experienced, licensed electrician to handle your home’s electrical repairs and/or replacements.  Professional electricians are well-trained and have years of on-the-job experience before being granted a license.  They will know current codes and regulations and can safely navigate any problems they might come across.

It’s easy to prevent electrical hazards if you are informed and educated about what to be aware of.  So, don’t take electricity or your family’s safety for granted!

Montgomery AL Home for Sale:

207 Fox Hollow Rd, Montgomery AL 36109

MLS# 419224

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2,231 square feet | Fox Hollow

Think you can’t afford beautiful Fox Hollow? Think again!! You most definitely can. If you can handle a little flooring, paint and a few bumps and bruises this could be your next home. Best price in area at under 165k. Formal living and dining, huge family room with wood burning fireplace and built in bookcases. Separate sun room would make great office. Three very large bedrooms with plenty of closet space. Double attached carport with storage. Treed lot. Maintenance free brick construction. Newer roof and A/C compressor. Neighborhood Park and close to lots of shopping and restaurants. Bring your decorator and update this great house which could sell for near or over 200k with the right upgrades. Give us or your favorite agent a call today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Frank Powell, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!


Reasons Why Buying an Older Home May Be a Good Idea

by The Hat Team

Perhaps you are currently on the market for a new home.  You may have grand plans to buy the biggest and newest one you can find.  Have you ever given any thought to perhaps buying an older home instead?  Below you will find a list of reasons why you may want to do just that.  


  1. 1. If price is an issue for you when looking for a new place to live, going for one with some age on it instead of a new one may be something to consider.   If you can find one that was built in or around the 1970’s you may find a diamond in the rough.  Keep an open mind when looking for a house to purchase and you may just find the place of your dreams.   


  1. 2. They just don’t build em’  like they use to.  Likely you have heard this statement before.  You may have wondered whether or not it is true and in fact it is.  Houses built in years past typically were built with old hard wood trees.  These trees were usually allowed to grow to an old age without being disturbed unlike trees today.  These old hardwoods are much less likely to have any warping issues and resist rot.   Instead of dry wood for walls, many older homes have been built with plaster and lathe.  These materials are superior to dry wall because they provide better insulation as well as sound proofing.   


  1. 3. Many times new houses are built in newly established neighborhoods.  While this is not a bad thing in itself, it leaves unknown factors like crime rates, school districts and the general population of a certain area.  Older homes tend to be in areas that are well established so you won’t have any questions left unanswered.   


  1. 4. If character in a house is important to you then buying a home with some age on it is a great way to get what you are looking for.   Crown moldings (which add a lot of character) are many times found in older homes.   


  1. 5. If having a bit of a yard is something you wish to have then you may want to choose a place with some age on it. Newer homes come with less acreage.  


These are just a few reasons why buying an older home might be appealing to you.  Now that you have some facts on the subject you may find that you have changed your mind and your direction in your search for a “new” home.   


Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Midtown Montgomery Home for Sale:

619 Ponce de Leon Ave, Montgomery AL 36106

MLS# 419037

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,664 square feet | Cloverdale

Don’t miss out on this fabulous renovation in Cloverdale Idlewild! The owners of this Midtown Montgomery property meticulously remodeled the home to live in and then were transferred. They created a wonderful open floor plan that can be used several different ways to suit your needs. The kitchen is beautiful with marble counter tops, new cabinets and built-ins and a huge island. The master bedroom is spacious and has a large walk-in closet. A second bath with walk-in shower is another great addition. Relax on the front porch or back yard patio. Just blocks from restaurants, entertainment and the concerts in the park.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting and Fun

by The Hat Team

This time of year folks begin to get outdoors to do more around their homes because it is nice and warm outside.   It’s also a good time to do a bit of work outside the house and make your outdoor space more inviting and fun for family and friends.   Below is a list of ways in which you can accomplish this.   


  1. 1. If you already have landscape lighting, why not purchase a few fun colored lightbulbs to use in them for different holidays.  This will definitely make your outdoor space a lot more fun.  


  1. 2. If you are getting tired of mowing your grass then, you may want to replace your grass with a garden.  You might want to add a garden of flowers or a garden of vegetables or even put in a koi pond.  Any of these ideas will help to keep you from spending your summer evenings mowing the grass all the time. This will make your outdoor space more fun. 


  1. 3. If your patio furniture is old and outdated, now is the time to go out to purchase some that allows you to show your style more effectively.  Outdoor furniture always makes outdoor spaces more inviting and fun. 


  1. 4. Adding a new doorbell to the outside of your home may seem like a small thing.  However, if you find a nice one that lights up the front door, it can do wonders towards making your home seem more inviting at night.   


  1. 5. If you don’t already have a swimming pool, summertime is a great time to add one.  Not much can make your outdoor space more fun than a swimming pool for all to enjoy.   


  1. 6. If you do add a swimming pool, why not go out and make it really fun and cool by adding an outdoor shower to the mix.  This type of thing is pretty rare unless your home is at the beach, so your outdoor shower may quickly become the talk of the neighborhood.   


There are so many ways in which to make your outdoor space more inviting and fun; these are just a few of them that you may want to try.   


Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   


Outdoor Space 

Celebrate Independence!

by The Hat Team

Today we celebrate freedom
thanks to those who came before.
Those brave men who fought and died
in each and every war.
Freedom always comes at a price,
And while we celebrate
We should tip our hats to the heroes
who made our country great. 

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