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Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 1222 S Lawrence St

by The Hat Team

1222 s lawrence st

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

1222 S Lawrence St, Montgomery AL 36106
MLS# 405996

One owner since 1958! Amazing bungalow home that has not been altered much over time. If you love "PURE & Original" this could be what you have been looking for. Double wide lot which features beautiful old plantings you can't duplicate without years of hard work and time. Built-in cabinets in living and breakfast room add to the charm. Located in a wonderful block of the Garden District of Midtown Montgomery where front porches are standard equipment. Make it what you want or enjoy the period feel of the late 1940's or early 1950's. Call us or your favorite agent before someone else does. Roof looks to be in good shape, new water heater. Comes with a one year warranty!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Frank Powell, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Montgomery AL Home For Sale: 3020 Guymar Road

by The Hat Team

3020 guymar road

Montgomery AL Home For Sale:

3020 Guymar Road, Montgomery AL 36111
MLS# 406229

Pristine one owner home in Gladlane Estates. Meticulously maintained and move-in ready with fresh paint and new carpet. Check out this lovely home with spacious living areas, large kitchen with built-in banquet seating, nice sized bedrooms with hardwood floors and big back yard. It's ready for its next family to love it as much as the original one did!

3 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,874 Square Feet | Gladlane Estate

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Things To Consider When Moving With Pets

by The Hat Team

Moving with pets

If you have pets, chances are they are members of your family and you love them very much.  Many times when moving to a new home, family pets can become an issue.  Below are a few tips for moving with your pets.


Before you make a move into a new location, go ahead and make sure that all of your animals have the proper id tags and collars on.  If phone numbers and addresses need to be updated on the dog tags, go ahead and take care of that before you move.  Many times pets can get a little discombobulated when you move and they may wander off trying to find the home they have become accustomed to.  If you have the correct numbers and address on their tag, they can easily be returned to you.


Whether or not your pet is used to being in a crate, if you are in the middle of moving to a new home, moving day needs to be crate day for your pets.  This will help to insure that they are not left behind or that they don’t get stepped on in all the hustle and bustle.


If you are moving a long distance, make sure that you map out hotels along the way that are pet friendly.  This way you won’t end up being turned away from your hotel at the last minute when they see you have pets.  Taking care of this beforehand will make for much better travel for everyone involved.


If you are moving far away you are going to need to get all of your pet’s vaccination papers and other materials from your vet’s office.  Be sure to take care of this well in advance so you don’t forget to do it.  Perhaps your current vet can even recommend a new vet in or nearby your new location.


Since your pet is part of your family, treat them as such by packing them an overnight bag with enough items such as food, water, jackets, toys, etc to get them through the first few days of your move.  You are going to be busy enough without having to worry that your pet has all that he or she needs during your move so pack accordingly.


If you simply can’t take your pet along for the move, but you want them to arrive at your new house safe and sound, you may want to hire a pet relocation company to do this for you!

Hopefully these tips for moving with your pet will be beneficial to you during your move to your new home!

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.

Reasons to Refinance Your Home Mortgage in 2016

by The Hat Team

Should l reinvest?

There are many benefits to refinancing  and some of those reasons you will find listed below. 

  • A lot of folks tend to rack up credit card debt toward the end of each year and have some credit card debt to pay off in the next year.  By refinancing your home you can put all of your credit card debt together and into the refinance.  It is much better to pay off your credit card at say 5% instead of the interest you may be paying such as 18%.  A good rule of thumb however if you do plan to use your refinance to get rid of your credit card debt is to cut the cards up and vow not to use them again.  Perhaps you can keep one credit card that is to be used for emergencies only.
  • Another great reason to refinance your home this coming year is to start saving towards retirement or even towards your child’s college education.  Both of these are good causes and if refinancing can help you get to your goal of savings for these two a bit more quickly then why not take advantage of it. 
  • One of the biggest reasons folks tend to refinance their homes is to get a better interest rate.  This is a very good reason to refinance because many times you can get a much lower monthly payment by having a lower interest rate and this may help you to more easily pay other bills that may have fallen behind. 
  • This last reason to refinance your home may sound a little out of place but if you happen to need a reliable vehicle and you haven’t been able to afford one, you can throw your car loan into the refinance as well.  This is good if you have been trying to make your old worn out car last as long as possible but it has finally begun costing you more in repairs than the car is actually worth. 

There are plenty other reasons to refinance your home  in the coming year and even some reasons why you may not want to.  Do your homework to see what is worth it to you and what is not when it comes to refinancing your home.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.

Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Trends - May 2016

by The Hat Team


When putting a home on the market, there is a lot to consider. How will you find a REALTOR®? What should you price the home? And the big one—is the home ready to sell? Most sellers know to get rid of clutter and fix any big or obvious problems. But what else can sellers do to get top dollar for their home? The National Association of REALTORS has identified some staging tips for various rooms in a home. After all, NAR research shows that 81 percent of buyers believe it is easier for them to picture themselves in a home when it’s staged. To appeal to those buyers, NAR recommends scrubbing the fireplace, focusing on symmetry in decoration, packing up dishes that don’t match your main set in your cupboards, making the extra bedroom a fun activity room to showcase other functions (like a sewing room or office), and keeping all closets as empty as possible.

Check out how many local sellers were successful selling their homes in May:

Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Update

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for May 2016 show the number of homes sold decreased 11.36%. The average sales price increased by 26.35%. The median sales price increased by 50.65%. Market times decreased by 55 days.

Midtown Montgomery May 2016    May 2015
Homes Sold 39 44
Average Selling Price $152,841 $120,963
Median Selling Price $145,000 $96,250
Days On The Market 111 166
Highest Selling Price $360,000 $330,000
Lowest Selling Price $1 $9,999

For the latest Midtown Montgomery real estate market conditions in your area, please call me at 800-HAT-LADY or visit

Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

3 Tips For a Smooth Home Inspection

by The Hat Team

home inspection

Whether you are selling your home or you are looking to buy a home, there are a few things that you need to know to help your home inspection go as well as it possibly can.  Home buyers need to know that the house they are buying is in good shape and home sellers need to be on the up and up when selling their home. When it comes to home inspections there are a few tips that can help the inspection go smoothly and the process be as stress free as possible. 

  1. If you are selling your home and you have a home inspection on the schedule, do your part to make it easy on the inspector by getting your pets out of the house while he or she is doing the inspection.  Your home inspector may love and adore animals as much as you do but your pets being under their feet during the inspection will not make the job any easier. 
  2. During a home inspection, typically the potential buyers are inside alone with the inspector and they may want to look around to take one last look at things before making a final decision.  If you want to make a good impression on those potential buyers, you may want to clean up the clutter you have left laying around.  Believe it or not clutter can cause a potential home buyer to walk away without making an offer.
  3. As a homebuyer don’t freak out if the home inspector comes up with a list of things that need to be taken care of in the house.  You need to realize that most houses have some sort of upkeep or maintenance that needs to be taken care of and that inspector’s are known for being nit-picky.   Realize too that most everything can be fixed.  Even the dreaded mold and radon.  Realize as well that home inspectors cannot predict the future and won’t be able to tell you how long something will last; they will just be able to tell you that it needs attention. 

Hopefully these tips will help you out the next time you have a home inspector coming to your home, whether you are selling or buying.  Remember that the home inspector is there to help you not to harm you or to ruin your dreams.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 4701 Mitford Circle

by The Hat Team

4701 mitford cir

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 4701 Mitford Circle

MLS# 400538 | 4 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,912 square feet | Midtown Montgomery

Meticulously Maintained and Tucked Away!

Whether you are looking to downsize without losing quality, or simply looking for the perfect move-in ready home...this Midtown Montgomery home will surely fit the bill. Meticulously maintained home is tucked away in a little known area, and conveniently located right in the middle of town, just minutes from I-85, shopping, and dining. Split plan has master bedroom and a spare bedroom/den on one side and two other guest bedrooms and bath on the opposite side. Open plan feels spacious without burning up needless square footage. 2 car attached garage has plenty of additional storage. Call today to tour this one before someone else snaps it up.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Home Improvements To Sell Your Home

by The Hat Team

home improvement

Below are a few home improvements that will help sell your home this spring.

  • A fresh coat of paint inside your home is a great way to improve the way your home looks and get it ready to put on the market.   Try to keep a neutral theme if you can when painting because you want others to be able to see themselves living in your home and not the other way around.  You will likely be amazed at just how much difference a fresh coat of paint will make to your home. 
  • Panting your front door a color that pops is a great way to get awesome curb appeal.  Many folks will love your home simply because it has a red door and it stands out above all the others in the neighborhood.  Use a pop of color on your front door to your advantage when trying to sell your home!
  • Pressure washing your home is a great way to make it shine if your home is vinyl siding.  You may have lived in your house so long that you forgot what color your siding actually is until you pressure wash it.  This is another way to have great curb appeal when you put your house on the market. 
  • If your house has columns at the front it may be a good time to replace them or at least give them a fresh coat of paint.  Over the years columns tend to expand and crack and make the house look older than it actually is.  Give your home a facelift by taking care of issues like these before you put it on the market.
  • Refinishing your hardwoods is another way to make your home look its best.  You can do this yourself or you may want to choose to hire someone to do it for you.  Either way, refinishing your hardwoods is a great home improvement idea!

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.

5 Hacks For Childproofing Your Home

by The Hat Team


You may or may not have small children living in your home but even if you don’t you might have a family member or a friend who does, so tips on childproofing your home may be advantageous to you.  There are several ways in which you can make your home child friendly so that you don’t have to worry about any little ones getting hurt or any of your stuff destroyed. 

  • The first and most important tip to make your home childproof is to cover your electrical outlets.  For some reason electrical outlets are very interesting to little hands and fingers.  The best way to keep the kids from exploring your electrical outlets is to buy covers for them.  Make sure to get the electrical outlets that are not that hard for you to pull out so that you don’t constantly have to try so hard to remove them when you want to use an outlet. 
  • This may sound silly but get on your hands and knees and travel around your home looking for things that might be dangerous.  You may find that you see much more clearly by getting down to a child’s level when it comes to childproofing your home.  Fix any issues you deem to be hazardous to kids while you are in this position.
  • Put glass items and valuables up high out of reach of children.  This will not only help keep children safe in your home but it will also keep your valuables from getting broken.
  • If you have anything sharp such as a fireplace with edges made from stone or brick you may want to buy covers for those edges to use when you will have small children around.  If you have little ones who live in your home you may want to keep these areas covered at all times. 
  • If you have a swimming pool, always make sure that someone is outside watching the children if they want to play in the back yard.  Even if you have the pool surrounded by a fence you need to make sure the kids are looked after if they are anywhere near a pool. 

Hopefully some of these ideas for childproofing your home will be helpful to you and will prevent an accident from happening.  Once you feel as if your home is childproof then you will no longer have to worry about little ones getting hurt and you can enjoy your new or existing home. 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 146 E Fairview Ave

by The Hat Team

146 e fairview ave

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

146 E Fairview Ave, Montgomery AL 36105
MLS# 324485

Old House Lover’s Dream!

Classic design boasts large rooms and traditional layout suitable for most living needs. With hardwoods floors throughout most of the home, and architectural features such as antique mantles and arched openings and niches, this home is an old-house lover's dream. Two well-proportioned downstairs bedrooms share a recently renovated bath. Upstairs is a large den/family area with another huge bedroom and lots of quaint niche areas (and another full bath). Outside lovers will enjoy the pergola covered deck overlooking multiple garden areas in the big back yard. A recently built "barn" has been used as a man-cave, and could store your precious vehicle, motorcycles, or make a wonderful shop or studio. And with three more detached storage buildings on the property, uses are endless. A nice fire pit out back is made up of old stones and bricks unearthed on the property. This home is located in Midtown Montgomery and convenient to Cloverdale shopping and entertainment, and minutes from downtown business and FUN!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel HatTeam!

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