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Montgomery AL Real Estate Sales Statistics - June 2010

by The Hat Team

Congress recently extended the home buyer tax credit closing date to September 30. The measure would give more time to thousands of qualified home purchasers, who through no fault of their own are unable to meet the current closing deadline of June 30; however the measure would not extend the deadline for home buyers to qualify for the tax credit. The deadline extension applies only to homebuyers who have ratified contracts in place as of April 30, 2010, but could not close before June 30.

The April 30 deadline created a surge of home sales in April. Let’s take a look at the Montgomery AL real estate market for June.

Montgomery AL real estate sales statistics for June show pending sales have increased by 8% in 2010 compared to June 2009. The average sales price increased by 18% to $165,049 while sold listings were up by 3% from 2009.  Market times were the same as 2009.




Market Times

Sales Price

June 2010





June 2009





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Go Green For a Faster Montgomery Home Sale

by The Hat Team

Many of today’s buyers in the market for a Montgomery home are looking for one that is eco-friendly. They want a house that is energy-efficient and combats detriments to the environment. Listed below are some relative easy to do and cost-efficient ways you can appeal to potential eco-conscious buyers.

1. Insulate. Insulate. Insulate.
green homeUse pipe insulators to keep hot water hot for a longer time and a hot water heater blanket ($10.00 to $20.00) to both prevent temperature loss and reduce the amount of electricity/gas needed to maintain the water temperature. Be aware that the further heat or air conditioning has to travel, the greater the temperature loss. Insulating your heating and cooling ducts can prevent up to 60% of this loss. Remember that even a small area of inadequate or damaged insulation can greatly reduce efficiency.

2. Reduce heating/cooling expenses.
Replace or clean all filters on a regular basis to reduce inefficiency. Eliminate all sources of drafts by checking windows, doors, electrical outlets, fireplaces, and attic floors for leaks (even small cracks lead to energy loss) and by using caulking or weather stripping to seal them. In addition, for a cost of $200 to $400, you can run a blower door test to discover the main, and many times hidden, sources of energy leaks in your home.

It is also important to schedule a HVAC cleaning/checkup every two years and to investigate the need for a programmable thermostat to save energy while you sleep or are away from home. If your windows, aging appliances, furnace, or hot water heater needs to be replaced, you should certainly consider purchasing ENERGY STAR products to save 10% to 30% of the usual operating costs.

3. Consume less water.
Since your Montgomery home is located in a resort area, water bills are generally high. Take steps to reduce this expense by installing low flow showerheads, toilets, and faucet aerators.

4. Don’t ignore the outside.
Planting shade trees and shrubs in strategic locations on the grounds of your Montgomery home can lower your cooling costs by as much as 25%, and because they also act as wind barriers, your heating costs can be reduced by up to 20%. In addition, the leafless trees will allow sunshine through in the winter (good for mental health as well as warmth). Also consider water conservation when landscaping. Look for lawn grasses and plants that are drought resistant and natural to the area.

The “Go Green” slogan is not a passing fad. Realistic buyers, who are both cost-conscious and ecologically aware, want to own a Montgomery home that reduces their day-to-day utility expenses and allows them to play a part in preserving the environment. The purchase of a green home benefits both the buyer and the seller in today’s market.

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 3019 Woodley Terrace Montgomery, AL 36106

MLS #276648

Bring your decorator because this old dame needs a serious makeover! Grand sized formal living and dining rooms surely were host to some magnificent parties. Butler's pantry with built-ins and spacious but VERY original kitchen awaits refurbishing. Two large bedrooms and a connecting bath downstairs, with two more bedrooms and a hall bath upstairs. Pretty shaded back yard holds a detached two car carport AND a separate workshop and storage building. Good bones, spacious rooms, and a good contractor will make this home a showplace! Quiet street is a stone's throw from Old Cloverdale's bustling entertainment district. 

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Steps For a Stress-free Move To a Montgomery Home

by The Hat Team

If you are moving to a Montgomery home, you can, with prior planning and these tips, make your move a smooth, less stressful experience. After you have gathered recommendations from friends and checked out moving companies on the web, you should narrow your choices to three or four. At this point you can avoid moving mistakes by using these guidelines to make informed, intelligent choices.

montgomery home1. Insist on an in-home survey and estimate. Movers have to actually see what needs to be moved and be aware of items requiring special attention, such as pianos or valued art pieces. In addition, by meeting the mover’s representative in person, you can get a feel for the way customers are treated by the company. It is also important that you disclose at this time any details, such as elevator availability, street restrictions, etc., to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day.

2. Beware of too low a price. While price is certainly a major consideration in making your selection, you need to question a low-ball estimate. Are there hidden charges? Is the firm reliable? Does it value your business? Is it a licensed, insured mover? Is there a record of customer complaints?

3. Avoid the busy season. Good moving companies are especially busy in the summer and in the first and fourth weeks of the month. Plan ahead and reserve early to get the mover and time frame you want. Remember that the best deals can usually be found in the winter and in the second and third weeks of the month.

4. Sign a contract. Do not begin a move without first signing a binding agreement which spells out all the services you are to receive and the total amount you’ll be expected to pay. Do you have insurance options? What is the charge for that? If you’re not comfortable with the document, trust your instinct and don’t sign!

5. Have a budget. Be informed and realistic about your overall moving costs. Be sure to include travel to your Montgomery home, any hotel and meals expenses, auto transport, and insurance.

6. Do unto others… Your movers will respond well to smiles and a positive attitude

They also appreciate offers of coffee, water, soft drinks, and tips for quality service.

The city has many reputable and reliable moving companies who want your business and will work with you to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible. By following these six steps, your relocation to your new Montgomery home can actually be rewarding!

Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 460 Clanton Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104

MLS #276525

This classic Craftsman style property with cedar-shake siding and covered front porch is located in Montgomery's beautiful historic Garden District. Carefully divided into two one bedroom one bath apartments (current use,) it could easily be transformed back into a wonderful two bedroom two bath home. OR keep it as is, live in one side and rent out the other to make your mortgage payment. However you choose to handle this special property, you will love owning on this quaint street with great neighbors!

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 8308 Highway 331 Snowdoun, AL 36105


11.28 acre residential lot just 7 miles south of the Bypass on US HWY 331. Picturesque area across from famous "Pirtle's Puddle" is the perfect spot to build. Old home site is approximately 3 acres and has stunning views of the water across the road, or drop back and build a more private residence behind the dense underbrush. Just a few miles from the Hyundai plant.

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Sprucing Up Your Montgomery Home

by The Hat Team

Interior Painting Tips

Whether your desire for a new look inside your Montgomery home is because of the arrival of spring or because you hope to hasten the sale of your house, you may be considering repainting in the near future.

While painting can be a long, and sometimes unrewarding, task, professional painters and expert “do-it-yourself-ers” alike agree on ways to make the process less frustrating and more likely to produce a finished product you’ll be proud of. Basically, these tips center around organization, preparation, and patience.


montgomery homePurchase all necessary supplies in advance. Include paint, brushes, rollers, and drop cloths on your list. Most pros advise using a canvas drop cloth because it absorbs drips and spills better than plastic, can be more easily contoured around corners, will lie flatter, and can be reused often. Consider buying a canvas runner (4’x15’) which can be more easily moved.

Set up a work station in the middle of the room. This is the place to keep your paint, brushes and rollers, spackle, hammers and screwdrivers,  cleaning rags, plastic sheets and bags, painter’s tape, paint can opener, etc. Think of everything you might possibly need while painting and gather them together in this one place.

Take everything down from your walls. Remove furniture completely or, if that’s not possible, move it all to the center of the room and cover with a cloth.

Remove all hardware from the surfaces to be painted in your Montgomery home. This includes switch plates, outlet covers, doorknobs, and light fixtures.  Place the pieces from each one in a separate small plastic bag and label each one


Patch all cracks and holes before painting.

Apply blue painter’s tape around doors and windows.

Prime the walls! This step is key to good results since primer blocks stains from bleeding through, improves adhesion of the main coat, reduces blisters, and generally assures one-coat coverage of the topcoat.

Tint the primer or use a pre-tinted primer. This is a especially helpful if you are using lighter colored paint to cover dark walls in your Montgomery home.  Tinting can be done by mixing a small amount of your topcoat color with the primer. (Be sure you don’t mix latex and oil-based paints together!)

Handy hint: You can eliminate the strong smell of paint by adding a drop of vanilla extract to both the primer and the topcoat.


Use a roller extension pole. A telescoping pole will do away with the need for a ladder and will allow you to reach those high places without much exertion.

Rather than using a roller tray (so easily spilled or jostled), look into getting a paint grid for use in a 5 gallon bucket. The grid fits into the bucket, removes excess paint from the roller, and eliminates the need for cleaning each time you stop painting.


Remembering what colors you have used and when is important. Writing this information on the paint can is one way to job your memory, but a better way may be to write all the pertinent information on a piece of masking tape which you adhere to the back of a light switch.

Another tip: before you put the paint away, pour some into a small jar for touch-ups later on.  Of course, you must label these jars, too.

So, organize, prepare, and be patient--and enjoy the fresh new look inside your Montgomery home!

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 1202 S Perry St Montgomery, AL 36104

MLS #276177

Grandeur abounds in this turn-of-the-last century home whose faded decor just cannot obscure its innate good looks and charm. Classic detailing adorns the formal rooms, then there's a surprising Arts and Crafts fireplace in the dining room complete with Newcomb Pottery tiles! Gorgeous built-ins throughout and a walk-up attic offer plenty of space for your treasured stuff. And a garage apartment can provide income OR a place to stash a grown child or in-law. Grab it, redo it and live the life you've always dreamed about! 

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 3251 Gilmer Avenue Montgomery, AL 36105


This adorable South Hull cottage is ready for it's new owner today! The wonderful open floor plan with fresh paint, beautiful hard wood floors and a wood burning fireplace (that works) makes this home perfect for entertaining family and friends. Relax out on the sun porch overlooking the enormous shady fenced backyard with brick patio. This home has been very well taken care of by the same owner for the past 30 years! 

Learn more about 3251 Gilmer Avenue and other Montgomery Real Estate by visiting

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Staging Tips For A Montgomery Open House

by The Hat Team

You are selling your Montgomery home and the first Open House only a week away. The house is filled with clutter and things you don’t want to throw away. But the clutter is not appealing to potential Montgomery home buyers. What do you? Here are staging tips for an Open House.

8 Staging Tips For A Montgomery Open House

1. Remove the clutter.

open houseHaving a garage sale is out when removing clutter because the Open House is only a week away. You don’t want to stuff the garage or closets to the gills either. One solution is to rent an off-site storage facility or stack boxes neatly in a basement or crawlspace.

2. Stage each room.

The first thing to do is clean from top to bottom. Make sure windows and light fixtures shine and are in working order. If the room is crowded, put some furniture in the storage facility. Finally, pick a focal point that will attract buyers when they see the room. For example, the focal point of a bedroom is usually the bed, and for a music room, it’s the piano.

3. Use the rule of three.

First, remove everything from counters and table tops, including coffee tables and side tables. Then re-accessorize using the rule of three…using 3 items of varying heights. For example, on an end table you can place a lamp (high), a small plant (medium), and a book (low).

4. Make a child’s room more appealing.

Your goal is to appeal to the largest number of buyers and allow them to see themselves living in your home. Not all buyers will have children. Growth charts, posters, and school projects are personal items become a distraction and should be removed. Also, de-clutter shelves and closets. If you have time, tone down the colors. Bright wall colors can make a room appear smaller.

5. Remove signs of pets.

Not all potential Montgomery home buyers are pet lovers. Remove pets from the property and put away water bowls, food dishes and pet beds.

6. Make it odor free.

Cigarette smells, pet odors and distinctive cooling smells are not pleasant for buyers. Make your home odor free by airing out the house for a few days prior to the Open House or rent an air purifier.

7. Make the outside shine.

First impressions are important. If buyers are turned off by the outside of your home, they will never go inside. Clean off the driveway, mow the lawn, trim edges, pull the weeds and put down fresh mulch in the flower beds. Plant colorful annuals in beds or pots. Make sure the house is clean and paint the front door if needed.

8. Welcome buyers home.

Remember you want your home to say ‘Welcome Home’ to potential buyers. You want them to mentally move into your home and make it theirs. Bake a fresh batch of cookies and leave them on the kitchen table with a pitcher of lemonade. Then go to the park with the kids or visit friends. Somehow remove the family from the house and let your Realtor show the home off to its next owners!

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