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Reasons to Purchase a Home before the End Of 2017

by The Hat Team

Now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time to purchase a home.  Do yourself a favor; don’t wait to purchase your dream home until the end of 2017.  If you have even given a small thought that you might want to move in the next year or so, go ahead and begin looking now so that you might be able to make that purchase today instead of tomorrow.   A few of the reasons why you should purchase your home before the end of the year are listed below for you. 

  1.  One of the many reasons you should go ahead and purchase a home   before the end of 2017 is because interest rates are already beginning to rise.  The current average interest rate is a little above 4 percent but that rate could reach 6 percent by 2019.  Begin looking for the home of your dreams now so that you can purchase one and get moved in while the market is in your favor.
  2. Fewer homes are available as the years go on.  Just a few short years ago there were plenty of homes to choose from; however this list is getting a bit smaller yearly.   Buyers of today will have many more homes to choose from than buyers of tomorrow so get out and get house shopping now!  Call your Realtor today if purchasing a home is on your mind. 
  3. House prices are rising and will continue to rise in the future.  If there ever was a reason to go ahead and purchase a home before the end of the year, this is the one!  You just might be able to get more of a house for your money now than if you waited until later to purchase. 

Again, if purchasing a home has even been on your mind at all and you think you might want to move in the next year or so, get a jump start on your search by starting today.  It can’t hurt to start looking now because you just may be more likely to find it now than later.   Buying a home is a big deal and can cost quite a bit of money so it’s best to start looking now to find the home you have always dreamed of.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Montgomery Home For Sale: 2228 S Sutherland Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

by The Hat Team

Montgomery Home For Sale:

2228 S Sutherland Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

MLS# 411601

3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 half bath | 1,832 square feet | Briar Gate

Tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac is this wonderful house, perfect for first time home buyers or a family looking for more space! Situated on a large lot with a fenced in back yard, this home is inviting from the front porch to the back covered patio. The great room offers a wood burning fireplace and laminate floors. The kitchen is bright and has plenty of room for a big table. Spacious master down stairs, second bedroom and half bath. Upstairs is a bedroom, full bath and bonus room (currently used as a bedroom) that would make a nice playroom or office. Don't miss the large wired workshop for the handyman's tools or just extra storage. Additional features include AC replaced in 2014, an attic fan, walk in attic storage, an attached storage room, new fence with drive through gate, two linen closets and a coat closet. Check it out today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team


Decorating Ideas for Your Pho Fireplace

by The Hat Team

It’s during this time of year that many of us start to put our fireplaces into use.  Since fireplaces are used typically to burn wood, those of you who have a fireplace that is just for looks may not know that you can decorate it to make it stand out and look very nice.  Below are a few ideas for decorating your pho fireplace  this season. 

  1. If you want your fireplace to look like it has some sort of warm glow like a fire can add, you should put a few candles inside of the fireplace during the winter months.  You can choose to use real candles to give a very warm firelight glow or you can even use battery operated candles to add a similar effect.  Ether type of candle you choose will be sure to add a touch of class to your fireplace this winter. 
  2. Another way to decorate your non working fireplace  is to use it for something other than it is designed to be used for such as a bookcase.  If you have students in your household and you find they like to spend a lot of time in the main room of the house, (where the fireplace can typically be found) using the space as a bookshelf is very beneficial not only for decorative purposes but also as a way to get your students to pick up a book or two and read it. 
  3. A great way to decorate your fireplace is to add some sparkling lights to it.    A few glass ornaments with some lights draped around them is a great way to liven up your fireplace during the holiday season. 
  4. If you have a special piece of artwork that you have no idea where to display, you may want to use your fireplace for this.  Typically a fireplace is the focal point of a room and adding a piece of art to this will only make it stand out that much more. 

These are just a few ideas on decorating your pho fireplace, there are many more ideas out there you just have to be a little creative and open minded in using the space for something other than fire.  When you think outside the box you never know where your decorating ideas may take you.   

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Montgomery, AL home for sale:

3716 Dalraida Terrace, Montgomery, Alabama 36109

MLS# 411305

5 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2,400 square feet | Dalraida

Incredible Mid-Century modern tri-level home on one of the quietest dead end streets in area. Desirable Dalraida school district. Five bedrooms and three colorful tiled retro baths in good condition. 2400 sq. ft of well laid out space with plenty of entertaining area. Nice private covered side porch off living and dining area. Updated kitchen with granite counter tops, gray cabinets and new flooring. Minutes from Gunter AFB, shopping and restaurants. Pretty treed 90 ft. wide lot which gives you good space between your neighbors. Large backyard with nice detached storage building. There is also a bonus room and an attached workshop. All new energy efficient windows. New water heater and two HVAC units installed in 2011. Built from quality materials of days gone by including beautiful hardwood floors. Dry basement houses washer, dryer and extra storage. Recent exterior paint. Seller has had a pre inspection done which they have already preformed many minor repairs. On file and available for buyers. Seller is also providing a one year AHS warranty. Please call us or your favorite agent to see this great piece of property today.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Frank Powell, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!






Happy Valentine's Day!

by The Hat Team

Just hearing or seeing the date, February 14th, conjures images of hearts and flowers in our minds. Valentine’s Day.  A “holiday” named for St. Valentine.  A day set aside each year to celebrate love.  But how did Valentine’s Day begin?  And who is St. Valentine?

Have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day got its name?  While it is believed that the name came from a saint, the origins of how it became attached to a day to celebrate love are a bit of a mystery. One legend claims that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome.  When the Emperor during that time decided that single men made superior soldiers than those with wives and children, he outlawed marriage for young men.  Valentine felt this was unjust, so he defied the Emperor and continued to secretly perform marriages for young lovers.  Another story contends that Valentine may have sent the first “valentine” letter while imprisoned in a Roman prison.  He allegedly fell in love with a young girl, possibly the jailer’s daughter, who visited him during his confinement.  It is said that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine”, an expression that is still used today.  While we may never know the true story about St. Valentine, the common theme throughout these stories is that he was sympathetic, heroic, and most significant…a romantic figure.

The origins of Valentine’s Day began with a pagan festival during the month of February. By the end of the 5th century, February 14th was declared Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius. It wasn’t until much later that the day became associated with love.  During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in England and France that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the date should be celebrated as a day of romance. While Valentine greetings were popular as far back as the Middle Ages, written Valentine’s didn’t begin to appear until after 1400.  The oldest known Valentine known of was a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.  It is also believed that King Henry V hired a writer to compose a Valentine note to a woman he admired.

It is believed that people began exchanging hand-made Valentine’s in America in the early 1700s.  By 1840, a woman named Esther Howland was selling the first mass- produced Valentines in America. Known as “the Mother of the Valentine”, she created elaborate cards using real lace, ribbons and colorful paper. Today, according to the Greeting Card Association, and estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making it the second largest card sending holiday behind Christmas.

You are the HEART of our business. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Tips for De-cluttering Your Bathroom

by The Hat Team

De-cluttering any room in your house can sometimes feel like a huge job to take on but for some reason de-cluttering the bathroom can seem to take on a whole life of its own.    Truth is there are many items in our bathrooms that we no longer use.   Take an hour or so to go through your bathroom with this list of tips for de-cluttering.

  1.  The first tip to de-cluttering your bathroom   is to do what was just mentioned, take the time to go through your entire bathroom looking for items you no longer use.  If you haven’t used an item in the past week you should consider either getting rid of the item or at least finding a spot for it that will help to cut down on clutter in the bathroom.
  2. Another tip for de-cluttering your bathroom is to throw out old toothbrushes.  Some folks may not know this but you are supposed to change out your toothbrush once every three months to keep it from forming bacteria.   If you want to keep your old toothbrushes you could do so and perhaps use them as cleaning tools in other areas of the house.  You might find that they are good for such things as cleaning in between tiles and other small areas that you can’t otherwise reach.
  3. Take a look in your bathroom medicine cabinet when de-cluttering your bathroom.  If you find medications that have expired, go ahead and toss them in the garbage right away. 
  4. Another tip for de-cluttering your bathroom  is to toss out any old makeup or nail polish you may have stored away in a drawer.  Old makeup and nail polish will not work like it is suppose to so there is no use to keep it around. 
  5. If you have a lot of half empty shampoo and/ or conditioner bottles laying around your bathroom you can use what is left in them to refill your soft soap container.  Throw out all the old bottles once you have used their contents to help de-clutter your bathroom in a great way. 
  6. If you have a lot of hotel soaps, shampoos etc, why not toss them into your gym bag and use them there to help make your bathroom less cluttered. 

De-cluttering your bathroom is quite simple really; you just have to take the time to do it.  Once you do, I am sure you will like the clean fresh feeling you have as a result.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   


Midtown Montgomery Home for Sale


MLS# 411432

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,655 square feet | Midtown Montgomery - Normandale

Pride of ownership is evident in this immaculately cared for Midtown Montgomery home. Formal and casual spaces for you and your family to live in plus well-proportioned rooms. The back yard is the real show-stopper on this property. Great covered outdoor living area and enclosed workshop/craft room are surrounded by heirloom plants, shrubs, and flowering bushes. Raised beds are there for gardening. One of the loveliest yards in the springtime!

Marketed by Montgomery, AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team



How To Not Let Your Pets Ruin Your Home Sale

by The Hat Team

When you have pets and you are trying to sell your home there are a few ways that you can avoid your pets ruining your home sale.   Many times folks love animals but that doesn’t mean they want to see evidence of your pets in your home when they are trying to envision themselves living there.  Below are a few ideas on how to not let your pets ruin your home sale.

  1.  Vacuuming your home is a great idea before you have someone tour your home for a showing but it is essential if you have pets.  Pet hair and tufts of fur can find their way into your guest’s noses and faces if you aren’t careful and that is not going to be good for your potential sale.  If you have someone who happens to sit on your furniture during their home tour you don’t want pet hair to get all over them.  A good way to insure that this doesn’t happen is to run a damp sponge over the furniture before they arrive. 
  2. As you already know pets are bad about leaving little surprises for you on your floors especially if you are gone during the day.  Pet stains are not a welcomed sight to anyone that might be interested in buying your home.  Think about it, would you want to see someone else’s pet mess when touring a home?   I think not.  Do your best to remove any types of these stains before your potential buyers come to tour your home even if you have to spend some money to get things cleaned and stains removed by professionals. 
  3. Pet odor is another thing that can ruin a potential home sale.    You are likely use to the way your pet smells and may not even be aware that they have an odor but they do.  Those folks who may come to tour your home will likely be able to smell it as soon as they enter the house.  Spraying odor neutralizing sprays can help with pet odor as well as perhaps having just baked some cookies for your guest to enjoy.  Whatever you have to do to get rid of the odor is what you need to do. 
  4. If your pet has a bed in your home it is best to stick it in the closet or to remove it from the home before your home tour begins. 

These are just a few ideas on how to not let your pet or pets ruin your potential home sale.  Hopefully they will get you thinking in the right direction so that you may be more able to walk away with an offer.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

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