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Montgomery, AL Home For Sale: 2651 Clement Curve Montgomery AL

by The Hat Team

Montgomery, AL Home For Sale:

2651 Clement Curve Montgomery AL

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,402 square feet | Gladlane Estate

Investor special! Property appears to have some structural issues, but is otherwise a nice investment property. Property has recently rented for $850 per month with long term tenants. Nice street!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.






Montgomery Home For Sale: 1801 Gillespie Drive Montgomery AL 36106

by The Hat Team

Montgomery, AL Home For Sale

1801 Gillespie Drive Montgomery AL 36106

MLS# 411155

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 1,640 square feet | Hill Hedge

Investor special...roll up your sleeves and get ready to put some elbow grease into this rehab project. Your results will be pleasing! Great layout, spacious lot with mature trees, on a quiet street. Hardwood floors throughout most of house just need refinishing.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!




What NOT To buy At a Yard Sale

by The Hat Team

Yard sales can be a lot of fun and most folks love it when they get a good deal on something, however if you aren’t careful with your purchases at yard sales you may end up with a trunk full of stuff you don’t really want.  Below are a few ideas on what NOT to buy at the next yard sale you attend. 

  1. Electronics may seem like a good thing to buy at a yard sale because you can typically get a super duper deal on them.  There typically is a reason why things are so cheap at yard sales and the reason might just be that the electronic in no longer in working condition.  It is a good idea if you do decide to purchase an electronic at a yard sale that you test it out before you leave the sale.  Many times the owners of the product will be happy to allow you to plug it in to see if it works.  If the owners of the electronic at the yard sale are not quite so accommodating, it’s best to just leave the electronic there and purchase it new at the store. 
  2. Another thing you may not want to purchase at a yard sale  are things for your baby such as car seats and cribs.  Many times these types of items have been recalled and since there is no way of knowing which ones may or may not be on the recall list, purchasing new is always the best way to go. 
  3. Yet another item you may not want to purchase at your local yard sale is make-up.  While we all love to get a good deal on some make up, think about where that makeup may or may not have been.  Most times you don’t personally know the folks having the yard sale where you are purchasing your items and therefore you don’t know how clean they are.  It is best if you want to buy used make-up that you purchase it from a close relative or friend. 

These are just a few ideas of some things that you may not want to purchase during your next yard sale adventure.  Some things are just better bought fresh from the store even if you have to pay three prices for them.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Money Saving Ideas for Furniture Shopping

by The Hat Team

If you have recently purchased a new house and you would like to fill it up with new furniture you have likely found that it can be quite the overwhelming task and an expensive one as well.  There are a few money saving ideas for furniture shopping that can help you out quite a bit in your search for new furniture and those have been listed below.

  1.  One good thing you can do to help you save a bit of money when furniture shopping is to call a few of the stores you are going to be visiting ahead of time.  This way you can find out if they have prices you can afford and also if they have brand names that you are interested in.  This can save you a little bit of time and money so that you don’t waste it traveling long distances.
  2.  Another money saving idea for furniture shopping  is to make sure to look at every piece of furniture that the store has by walking the entire shop.  Many times there are clearance items or items that perhaps are slightly damaged in the store but they are not out for all to see.  Do your due diligence and walk the entire space so you don’t lose out on any good deals. 
  3. Yet another good way to save money when furniture shopping is to purchase consignment furniture.  You can find lots of really nice pieces by shopping consignment. 
  4. If you find a piece of furniture that you have your heart set on do your best to bargain with the seller.  You never know unless you ask.
  5. Shopping estate sales is another way to get good prices on furniture.  Many times you can get pieces at estate sales that are worth much more than you pay for them so you can make your home look very nice. 
  6. Lastly if you want to save a good amount of money on furniture  why not refinish what you already have!  Old furniture can become new again if you are able to successfully refinish it.  

Hopefully this list of money saving ideas on furniture buying has gotten you thinking in the right direction before you begin making your purchases.   Now get out there and save some money and furnish your home with beautiful new furniture.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   


Montgomery AL Home For Sale:


MLS# 410640

4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2,459 square feet | McGehee Estates

Spacious family home situated on a large lot in McGehee Estates! Kitchen has been updated with granite counter tops and tiled floor throughout living room, dining room, family room and hallway. Large bedrooms with ample closet space, huge deck overlooking back yard. Double carport and laundry room with additional storage room. House has foundation issues, structural report in MLS and estimate available upon request.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.








Real Estate Listing Photo Mistakes

by The Hat Team

There are many kinds of real estate listing photo mistakes that can be made when listing your home for sale.  Realtors know these mistakes and will do their part to make sure these types of photos do not end up in the advertisement of your house, however if you are going it alone doing a for sale by owner you will need to learn these and avoid them at all costs.  Below are some real estate listing photo mistakes that you need to be aware of so that you don’t make them.

  1.  One of the worst things you can do when listing your house is to show pictures of each room’s corners.  We all remember children having to be put in the corner in the olden days of school and therefore the corner is not a very friendly spot to show when listing your house pictures as it may have some negative connotations associated with it.   If you want to show how big a room is, be sure to include at least two corners of the room in the picture, not just one corner. 
  2. It is best to not take pictures of the outside of your house at night if you want to use it as a listing photo. The best time of day to take a photo of your home for a listing photo is when the sun is shining brightly and the entire house looks nice and inviting. 
  3. Taking a photo of your home with a distorted lens to try to make the room look bigger is an old trick that needs to stop. Everyone knows that the picture is distorted and that the room is not as big as you are trying to make it seem.  Do your best to make the photos give a clear representation of what the room actually looks like so that folks are not disappointed when they come for a tour. 
  4. Make sure when taking a picture of a particular room in your house that you don’t show more of the ceiling fan than the room itself.  These types of pictures can look very dated and make your home look less than stellar. 

If you do your best to avoid these common listing photo mistakes you will be well on your way to making the best impression of your home with photos.  When you make a good impression with photos, you are more likely to get a bit of interest in your home that may even turn into an offer! 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   



Mid-Century Modern Home For Sale In Montgomery

321 Nottingham Road - MLS# 410015

3 bedrooms | 1 full bath | 1 half bath | 1,426 square feet

Cute Mid-century modern in Sherwood, which is known as Forest Hills. Build your equity with payments less than rent! Built as a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, but a nice den and all important 1/2 bath have been added. Home comes with a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Metal roof will last for years and years. Patio off den to relax and a nice carport to keep your car covered. Eating area in kitchen open to living room. One bedroom needs flooring replaced. Home sold "as is" but not in bad shape. With a little updating you can watch your investment grow. 

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Frank Powell, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!







How to Choose the Best Offer When You Have Multiple Offers

by The Hat Team

These days’ houses are selling like hot cakes!  If you have ever thought about selling your house, now is the time to do so!  The only “issue” you are likely to run into is that you may end up with multiple offers.  While multiple offers may be a good thing, you still should know how to choose the best offer  in the event this happens to you. Below you will find a few ideas on how to best handle this particular situation. 

  1.  Finding out which of the potential buyers have the best financing available to them is a great way to help you choose which offer you would be best to go with.  If you pick someone who hasn’t got the financial side of it all worked out for themselves you will likely end up spending more time than you would like getting all the kinks worked out.  Choosing someone who has a reputable lender on the other hand and has already been pre approved will make the transactions go nice and smoothly for all involved.   
  2. Another way to choose the best offer  when you have multiple offers is if the closing date is good for you.  You may have one person that wants to buy your home that has to wait on their home to sell first while another person is ready to go right away.  If you want to and are ready to move out quickly you may want to go with the latter however if you are not quite ready to move that fast you may want to go with the folks that need to wait a while.  Choose the offer that best suits your own personal needs.
  3. Yet another way to choose the best offer on your house when you have been given multiple offers is to make a checklist of the pros and cons of each offer.  This will make sorting out the details a bit easier for you. 
  4. Be sure that you have peace about each offer and if you don’t feel a peace about a certain offer, take that one off the list of who to choose from. 

It is a good idea to go through all scenarios that may arise with each offer that is given before deciding which one to go with.  Once you choose the right offer, you can look forward to moving into a new chapter of your life! 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.   

Montgomery Home For Sale: 1612 Croom Drive, Montgomery AL 36106

by The Hat Team

Montgomery Home For Sale:

1612 Croom Drive, Montgomery AL 36106
MLS# 410190

4 | 2 | 2,467 square feet | Hillwood

You will find the best of both worlds in this Old Hillwood charmer on a quiet cul-de-sac. Completely renovated over the past year this traditional ranch has been updated for today's tastes and family lifestyle. In addition to a new roof, fresh paint, new fixtures and flooring, the owners have created a large new laundry room with tank-less water heater and a large walk-in pantry off the kitchen. The central hub of this home is a brand new bright and open kitchen boasting marble counter tops, backsplash, new cabinetry and new appliances. Large island has plenty of space for meal prep, and provides a bar area with room for at least 6 stools. Breakfast nook large enough for formal dining table, and keeping area in kitchen is perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning or a good book at night. Bright sunroom/family room off kitchen provides great view of large deck and shady back yard. 4 bedrooms and two splashy new bathrooms round out this wonderful renovation that you will want to call HOME!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team

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