Yes, summer has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that you need to bid adieu to gardening or enjoying colorful blossoms in your Montgomery AL home.  Actually, cooler temperatures, moist soils, and the absence of pesky insects in autumn make for ideal conditions for fall planting and spending time in your garden.  Generally, the items on your to-do list fall into three categories:  enjoying it now; housekeeping, and preparing for the future.

fallEnjoy It Now

Probably the favorite activity of gardeners who owns a Montgomery AL home involves the planting of flowers, trees, and shrubs which will provide bright colors for the next few months.  Before investing in fall plantings, however, click here for information and planting advice for your geographic region.  Some colorful and popular blooms include asters, red spider lily, Mexican sage, goldenrod (that it is a source of hay fever is a misconception), fall crocus, witch hazel, and perennial sunflower (smaller than the annual sunflower).  For a wider, more unusual variety, this Better Homes and Gardens website offers a large selection of lesser-known—but just as colorful—species for fall planting as well as planting information for each one.

This is also a favorable time to plant trees and shrubs with brightly-colored foliage on the grounds of your Montgomery AL home.  Consider amur, sugar, and Japanese maples; burning bush; birch, and ginkgo, or click here for more unusual varieties.


While you’re outside admiring your handiwork, you can take advantage of that time to tend to some gardening “housekeeping” tasks.  This list includes the following “do’s”:  picking bagworms from evergreens, deadheading perennialsand disposing of all diseased foliage, dividing and transplanting perennials, fertilizing trees and shrubs, adding plant debris to your compost pile, weeding, and watering trees and shrubs, particularly evergreeens, generously.  Note:  There are also three “do not’s” on this list.  Resist the temptation to do any severe pruning until early spring, defer mulching until mid-November, and discontinue fertilizing your roses.

Preparing For The Future

Finally, you will want to prepare the plants in the garden of your Montgomery AL home for the future.  You still have time to purchase and plant tulip, crocus, and daffodil bulbs for glorious color in the spring, and you can dig up and the bulbs of begonias and gladiolus in peat moss or vermiculite.  Before the night temperature dips below 55 degrees, bring houseplants back inside—only after carefully inspecting them for insects and thoroughly washing the leaves and the container.

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