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Buy or Refinance Your Montgomery Home NOW!!

The federal Home Buyer Tax Credit ends in just two weeks. Time is running out for you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get FREE money from the government to buy a home.

1.  Home Buyer Credit Act

  • DEADLINE: April 30, 2010 (June 30th with a signed, binding contract).

  • montgomery homeELIGIBILITY: First-time buyers and repeat buyers (those who have owned and lived in one residence for 5 consecutive years of the last 8).

  • INCOME LEVELS; $125,000 individual and $225,000 for couples.

  • PURPOSE Allows Montgomery home buyers to receive a tax credit (which may be claimed on this year’s taxes) of $6500 to $8,000.

***Remember that a tax credit is a dollar-for dollar reduction in what a taxpayer owes. If the credit exceeds the amount owed, a refund will be issued.

2. Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

  • DEADLINE: June 2010
  • ELIGIBILITY: The mortgage loan on your Virginia Beach property must be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and owner occupied.  Property may include 1 to 4 units. Current mortgage must be paid current and up to date. Loan-to loan value cannot exceed 125% (previously 105%).

  • PURPOSE: To extend underwriting guidelines so as to allow “underwater” mortgage holders (those with loan balances which exceed the value of their Montgomery home) to avoid foreclosure.


If you are a service member on official EXTENDED duty outside of the United States for at least 90 days during the period Jan. 01, 2010 to April 30, 2010, you are GRANTED A 1 YEAR EXTENSION on the First-Time Homebuyer Credit.  That means you have to be under contract by April 4, 2011 and close by June 30, 2011. 

Contact us today for help getting you home buyer tax credit!

What's So Great About Home Buyer Tax Credit Anyway?

by The Hat Team

April 30th seems like a long way off, but for prospective Montgomery home buyers who are on the fence about making a home purchase, the next few months represent a countdown of sorts as huge tax credits are about to expire. Here are important details for you to know:

montgomery homeTax Credit for First-Time Home buyers
First-time home buyers may be eligible for the tax credit. The credit is 10% of the purchase price of the home, with a maximum available credit of $8,000. Single taxpayers and married couples filing a joint return may qualify for the full tax credit amount.

Tax Credit for Current Homeowners
The tax credit program now gives those who already own a residence some additional reasons to move to a new home. This incentive comes in the form of a tax credit of up to $6,500 for qualified purchasers who have owned and occupied a primary residence for a period of five consecutive years during the last eight years. Single taxpayers and married couples filing a joint return may qualify for the full tax credit amount.

What Are the New Deadlines?
In order to qualify for the credit, all contracts need to be in effect no later than April 30, 2010 and close no later than June 30, 2010. Those in the military do have some special extensions on the time lines available.

What's So Great About a "Tax Credit"?
The benefit of a tax credit is that it's a dollar-for-dollar benefit, rather than a "tax deduction", or reduction in a tax liability that would only save you $1,000 to $1,500 when all was said and done. So, if a first-time home buyer who qualified for the entire benefit were to owe $8,000 in income taxes and would qualify for a tax credit of $8,000, she would owe nothing.

Better still, the tax credit is refundable, which means the homebuyer can receive a check for the credit if he or she has little or no income tax liability. For example, if a first-time homebuyer is eligible for a tax credit of $8,000 but is liable for $4,000 in income tax, she can still receive a check for the remaining $4,000!

Higher Income Caps
The amount of income someone can earn and qualify for the full amount of the credit has been increased. Single tax filers who earn up to $125,000 are eligible for the total credit amount. Those who earn more than this cap can receive a partial credit. However, single filers who earn $145,000 and above are ineligible. Joint filers who earn up to $225,000 are eligible for the total credit amount. Those who earn more than this cap can receive a partial credit. However, joint filers who earn $245,000 and above are ineligible.

Maximum Purchase Price
Qualifying buyers may purchase a Montgomery home with a maximum sales price of $800,000.

It's also important to note another upcoming deadline as the Federal Reserve winds down a program that has been keeping home loan rates artificially low. The fact is that the lowest rates of 2009 were driven down to their attractive levels because of the Fed's Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) purchase program, which the Fed once again emphasized in its January 27, 2010 Rate and Policy Statement will end on March 31, 2010. As the Fed's program winds down and ends, rates could rise over time since MBS will have less support from the Fed.

If you have any questions regarding the tax credit, pick up the phone and call me. I'm here to help you take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities Montgomery home buyers may ever have.

Tips For Montgomery First-time Home Buyers

by The Hat Team

Low listing prices, reasonable interest rates, and an abundant variety of homes to choose from are among a few of the reasons now is the perfect time for buyers to make a move in today’s real estate market. Current market trends and other factors have made conditions even more favorable for first-time homebuyers. Though becoming a homeowner comes with huge responsibilities and financial commitments, first-time home buyers should take advantage of the market over flowing with opportunities. The following tips will help ease the mind when considering the smart purchase of your first Montgomery homemontgomery home

1. Become familiar with the new first-time homebuyer federal tax credit.  

People who are considering the purchase of their first home, or have not been home owners for at least the past three years can gain great benefits from the first-time homebuyer tax credit. According to, qualified first-time home buyers purchasing a principal residence on or after January 1, 2009 and before May 1, 2010 will receive a tax credit of up to $8,000. Unlike past tax credits from 2008, the money received does not have to be repaid, unless the homebuyer sells the property with in three years. 

2. Determine what is reasonably affordable.  

Prior to beginning the hunt for the perfect home, it is important to find an affordable price range. Many factors such as money available for a down payment, eligibility for a loan, and monthly mortgage payments, all play a role in determining what the buyer can comfortably afford. Total monthly mortgage payments should be, on average, approximately 30 percent of one’s gross monthly income. Affordability or loan calculators found on the internet can give a good idea of what is affordable. Before seriously inquiring the purchase of your first Montgomery home it is important to have a consultation with a knowledgeable financial advisor.

3. Deciding where and what 

Once an affordable price range is determined, it is time to decide where you want to live and what you are looking for in a home. Whether staying with in the same general area, or looking for a new location, it is crucial to do a fair amount of research on the area and its demographics. For example crime rates, school districts, shopping, medical facilities, and travel, are all important factors have to be considered since they could affect your everyday life. It is also essential to know what you are looking for in a home. Separate lists of essential needs and wants should be carefully thought out towards the beginning of the home search. The list of basic needs should include things such as minimum square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, and price. The want list should be compiled of things that would be nice to have, such as pools, big yards, and gated communities.  

4. Find a knowledgeable Real Estate professional 

Finding and purchasing a home is a complicated, overwhelming experience, which should be nothing but exciting. Working with an experienced real estate agent can make the process run smoothly and be more successful. The chances of finding the perfect Montgomery home are significantly increased when put in to the hands of the right real estate professional. 

Learn more about how we can help you purchase a Montgomery home by visiting or give us a call for more personal service.

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