Yes, we’ve reached the end of what has been a difficult year for so many, and yet we’ll celebrate the coming of 2012—and a fresh start-- with glittery hats, silly horns, champagne (or beer), and kisses at midnight.  We’ll reflect on the old year and make resolutions for the new one.  Forecasters of the future will capture our imaginations as we wonder what is to come in terms of scientific discoveries, political unrest, wars, health issues, and the economy.  So many questions—and so many possibilities…it’s enough to wear one out.  So sit back in the den of your Montgomery AL real estate, relax, and ponder these points.

  • happy new yearDid you know that celebrating the New Year is a tradition that dates back nearly 4000 years? Or that Julius Caesar was the first person to designate January 1st as the start of the new year?
  • Did you know that the symbol of Baby New Year dates back to ancient Greece? The Greeks marked the rebirth of their god of fertility by parading a baby around in a basket.
  • 40 to 45 percent of American adults make one or more resolutions which include weight loss, exercise, quitting smoking, and money management. By the second week of January, 25 percent of people have abandoned their goals, however.
  • Certain foods play an important role in the kitchens of Montgomery AL  real estate on New Year’s Day.  Circular foods such as donuts and cakes represent good fortune, while legumes, especially black-eyed peas and lentils, promise good luck and wealth.  Cabbage and other greens whose leaves resemble folded money are also popular, as is ham, which symbolizes progress and prosperity. 
  • As with many other holidays, numerous superstitions and traditional practices are connected with the onset of the new year.  It is thought that the first visitors to your Montgomery AL  real estate will bring you good or bad luck, depending on who you keep as friends and enemies, and in Italy people wear red underwear on New Year's Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year.
  • And as for the future of Montgomery AL  real estate?  Opinions vary from the cautiously optimistic to those far less rosy, with many financial gurus still sitting on the fence.  Oh, for a crystal ball!

As you reflect on the past year, do remember the good things that have occurred in your life and in the world and resolve to greet 2012 with a positive attitude and a sense of anticipation.

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