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How to Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

by The Hat Team

The tiny house craze is alive and well, and while you may not be looking for a Tiny Home you might be looking to downsize and simplify.  There are Big Benefits of Living in a Small House. First, it costs less money…which frees up funds for other things you enjoy like travel and hobbies.  And the peace of mind that comes with living within your means is priceless.  Also, with less space, there is less to clean.  And less cleaning means more time for fun and relaxation.  But sometimes it can be challenging to fit everything you need (and want) into a home with limited square footage.  Don’t despair!  Not only can you make it all fit, you can do it with style and create a comfortable, cozy home that suits all your needs.  Here are some clever ideas for making the most of small spaces:

  • Make everything seem bigger by painting walls in light colors. 
  • Use small scale furniture rather than large, overstuffed pieces that will overwhelm the room.
  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space.  One mirror will make an impression, but two facing each other will make a bigger impact by amplifying the semblance of added area and light.
  • If you’re thinking of doing any renovations, consider adding a bay window. Not only will it maximize square footage, but it will provide the added bonus of flooding the house with natural light.
  • Keep things simple.  Clean lines make things feel streamlined and give the impression of openness.
  • Take advantage of high ceilings by going vertical with cabinetry.  Not only will it draw the eyes up and away from the limited counter space, but it will also provide maximum storage.
  • Continue thinking up and not out by utilizing tall bookshelves.
  • Use furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose.
  • Got stairs?  Don’t let the area underneath them go to waste.  There are great options for creating extra storage that will be functional and look great too.
  • If you’re going to hang curtains, hand them as high as you can to make the ceilings seem higher and extend the rods about 4 inches on either side to make windows seem wider and to allow more light in when they are open.

Downsizing and simplifying will make you realize that less really is more, but it doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style and comfort!

If you’ve been thinking about simplifying your life by downsizing, let Sandra Nickel and her Hat Team of professionals assist you in finding the perfect home!  Call them today at 334-834-1500.

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Solutions For Small Living Spaces In Your Montgomery Home

by The Hat Team

Finding ways to deal with small spaces in your Montgomery home can be tricky. Everyone likes the place they call home to be somewhere they can kick back and relax. However, it is hard to relax in areas that are cluttered and uncomfortable. Strategic interior design can make a big difference when dealing with small living spaces. Colors, lighting, organization, and décor can make spaces appear smaller or larger. Here are some solutions to make your Montgomery home look and feemontgomery homel cozier. 

Organization is the first thing to be conquered when transforming a small living space. Getting rid of clutter and maximizing the use of storage space are the keys to success. Clutter will make any space appear smaller than it really is. Eliminating excessive knick-knacks is one way to reduce clutter. Multiple pieces of small, scattered furniture can also make a room look jumbled. Using a couple pieces of slightly larger furniture leads to a less cluttered look. Every inch of storage space should be taken advantage of in small living areas. Planning out storage space will allow for more walking room, functional closets, and more productive space. Use multipurpose furniture like ottomans, which can be used for storage and seating. Try installing an organizational system in the closets. These systems usually provide a perfect spot for everything. 

Colors, lighting, and decorations also affect the appearance of your Montgomery home. Colors play a big role in creating illusions of size. The color scheme of small living spaces should consist of light hues. Although white can be a boring color, it will ultimately maximize the illusion of a bigger space. Other colors that tend to open up space include beige, neutrals, and pastels. It is important to avoid contrasting colors. The furniture, especially larger pieces like the couch, should be in the same color family to match the color of the walls. 

Lighting makes a big difference in small spaces. Take advantage of as much natural light as possible by avoiding heavy curtains and window treatments. Although natural lighting is always the most ideal, it isn't always available. Track and recessed lighting work well as alternatives for lighting up the space. 

Décor should not take over small spaces. Using medium sized pieces of furniture can do a lot for small rooms versus one big piece or a bunch of cluttered small pieces. Mirrors compliment small spaces perfectly. Mirrors reflect light and color, creating the illusion of more space. Mirrors can be found in all shapes and sizes, with and with out frames. One large mirror or several small mirrors collaged on a wall can make a big difference in a small living area. There are tons of solutions to make a small area more livable.

Decided you need more space? Search for a larger Montgomery home.

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