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Ins And Outs Of Montgomery Short Sales

by The Hat Team

If you're thinking of selling your Montgomery home, and you expect that the total amount you owe on your mortgage will be greater than the selling price of your home, you may be facing a short sale. A short sale is one where the net proceeds from the sale won't cover your total mortgage obligation and closing costs, and you don't have other sources of money to cover the deficiency. A short sale is different from a foreclosure, which is when your lender takes title of your home through a lengthy legal process and then sells it. 

montgomery home, short sale1. Consider loan modification first. If you are thinking of selling your Montgomery home because of financial difficulties and you anticipate a short sale, first contact your lender to see if it has any programs to help you stay in your home. Your lender may agree to a modification such as: 

  • Refinancing your loan at a lower interest rate
  • Providing a different payment plan to help you get caught up
  • Providing a forbearance period if your situation is temporary 

When a loan modification still isn't enough to relieve your financial problems, a short sale could be your best option if 

  • Your property is worth less than the total mortgage you owe on it.
  • You have a financial hardship, such as a job loss or major medical bills.
  • You have contacted your lender and it is willing to entertain a short sale. 

2. Hire a qualified team. The first step to a short sale is to hire a qualified real estate professional* and a real estate attorney who specialize in short sales. Interview at least three candidates for each and look for prior short-sale experience. Short sales have proliferated only in the last few years, so it may be hard to find practitioners who have closed a lot of short sales. You want to work with those who demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the short-sale process and who won't try to take advantage of your situation or pressure you to do something that isn't in your best interest. 

A qualified real estate professional can: 

  • Provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) or broker price opinion (BPO).
  • Help you set an appropriate listing price for your home, market the home, and get it sold.
  • Put special language in the MLS that indicates your home is a short sale and that lender approval is needed (all MLSs permit, and some now require, that the short-sale status be disclosed to potential buyers).
  • Ease the process of working with your lender or lenders.
  • Negotiate the contract with the buyers.
  • Help you put together the short-sale package to send to your lender (or lenders, if you have more than one mortgage) for approval. You can't sell your home without your lender and any other lien holders agreeing to the sale and releasing the lien so that the buyers can get clear title.  

3. Begin gathering documentation before any offers come in. Your lender will give you a list of documents it requires to consider a short sale. The short-sale "package" that accompanies any offer typically must include 

  • A hardship letter detailing your financial situation and why you need the short sale
  • A copy of the purchase contract and listing agreement
  • Proof of your income and assets
  • Copies of your federal income tax returns for the past two years 

4. Prepare buyers for a lengthy waiting period. Even if you're well organized and have all the documents in place, be prepared for a long process. Waiting for your lender's review of the short-sale package can take several weeks to months. Some experts say: 

  • If you have only one mortgage, the review can take about two months.
  • With a first and second mortgage with the same lender, the review can take about three months.
  • With two or more mortgages with different lenders, it can take four months or longer.  

When the bank does respond, it can approve the short sale, make a counteroffer, or deny the short sale. The last two actions can lengthen the process or put you back at square one. (Your real estate attorney and real estate professional, with your authorization, can work your lender's loss mitigation department on your behalf to prepare the proper documentation and speed the process along.)

5. Don't expect a short sale to solve your financial problems. Even if your lender does approve the short sale, it may not be the end of all your financial woes. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • You may be asked by your lender to sign a promissory note agreeing to pay back the amount of your loan not paid off by the short sale. If your financial hardship is permanent and you can't pay back the balance, talk with your real estate attorney about your options. 
  • Any amount of your mortgage that is forgiven by your lender is typically considered income, and you may have to pay taxes on that amount. Under a temporary measure passed in 2007, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation Act, homeowners can exclude debt forgiveness on their federal tax returns from income for loans discharged in calendar years 2007 through 2012. Be sure to consult your real estate attorney and your accountant to see whether you qualify. 
  • Having a portion of your debt forgiven may have an adverse effect on your credit score. However, a short sale will impact your credit score less than foreclosure and bankruptcy. 

If you ar someone you know is in financial distress, selling your Montgomery home through a short sale may be the right move for you. Give us a call for a private consultation.

Note: This article provides general information only. Information is not provided as advice for a specific matter. Laws vary from state to state. For advice on a specific matter, consult your attorney or CPA. 

Reprinted from Realtor Magazine with permission of National Associatin of Realtors.


Montgomery AL Real Estate Sales Statistics - May 2009

by The Hat Team
Record low mortgage interest rates boosted pending home sales for the third consecutive month, with some benefit now from the first-time buyer tax credit, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

The Pending Home Sales Index, a forward-looking indicator based on contracts signed in April, rose 6.7 percent to 90.3 from a reading of 84.6 in March, and is 3.2 percent above April 2008 when it was 87.5.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said buyers are responding to very favorable market conditions. “Housing affordability conditions have been at historic highs, but now the $8,000 first-time buyer tax credit is beginning to impact the market,” he said. “Since first-time buyers must finalize their purchase by November 30 to get the credit, we expect greater activity in the months ahead, and that should spark more sales by repeat buyers.”

Let’s take a look at the May sales statistics to see how the Montgomery AL real estate market looks: 

Montgomery AL real estate sales statistics for May show pending sales increased by 2% in 2009 compared to May 2008. The average sales price decreased by 25% to $112,384 while sold listings were down 13% from 2008.  Market times showed a increase of 1 day or 1% from 2008.





Market Times

Sales Price

May 2009





May 2008






The decline in Midtown's average sales price reflects the continued absorption of many inexpensive foreclosure properties.  Investors in our market have decided now is the time to buy, and they are grabbing up the low-priced houses and rehabbing them for resale.

For the latest Montgomery AL real estate market conditions in your area, please call me at 800-HAT-LADY or visit

Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. 

Your Have Offer On Your Montgomery Home - Now What?

by The Hat Team

Many Montgomery home sellers look at the first offer on their home as just that, the First Offer with many more to come. You know what they say, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ And in the current Buyers Market, offers are few and far between. Montgomery home sellers will want to consider the first offer very seriously. Here are reasons why:

 montgomery home, for sale

  • An early offer (if you're lucky!) doesn't necessarily mean buyers are lining up to follow suit. It could just mean that your home meets the needs or preferences of that one particular buyer who made the offer.
  • Your home will get the most interest from buyers just after it goes on the market. The longer it stays on the market, the more "desperate" buyers will think you are, prompting lower and lower offers.
  • Even if the first offer is thousands lower than your list price, consider carefully whether it might be enough -- in terms of price and contract terms -- before rejecting it out of hand. After all, the longer your home is on the market, the more it costs you in mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, upkeep and sheer inconvenience.
  • If the offered price and contract terms are less than ideal, start negotiations by making a counteroffer, being as flexible with the terms as possible. It isn't uncommon for buyers to offer a price below what they are truly willing to pay, sometimes much below, just to see if they can buy under market.

An offer indicates serious interest in your home -- don't underestimate that but don't take it for granted, either.

Thinking of selling your Montgomery home? We'll be happy to work with you to fine-tune your home's listing price so it fits our local market. We can also advise you on what would make your home more saleable at low cost to you. Most importantly, we can put our expertise to work for you when it comes time to negotiate with potential buyers. Learn more about us by visiting


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Invest In Your Nest - Why Buy Montgomery Home

by The Hat Team

Many consumers today are understandably worried about their nest egg. For many of them, however, their "nmontgomery homeest" is the best investment they can make. 

Not only does owning a Montgomery home help people build long-term wealth, but also it provides shelter and security for their families and fosters involvement in community life. In essence, homeownership is the cornerstone of a healthy community.   

U.S. Census Bureau data shows that Montgomery homeowners move less frequently than renters. This stability is important in creating strong foundations for both families and communities. 

A recent NAR research study shows that Montgomery homeowners are more likely to vote, volunteer time for civic events or participate in local crime prevention programs because they're invested in what happens in their neighborhoods. 

If you are considering buying a Montgomery home to build your nest, visit or give me a call. I'm glad to guide you through the process. 

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Montgomery Real Estate For Sale: 346 Conley Circle

by The Hat Team

Montgomery Real Estate For Sale
346 conley
346 Conley Circle, Montgomery Al 36110

MLS 264945

Updated and clean as a pin! If you are a first time home buyer and are looking to take advantage of the 10% tax credit but are tired of seeing houses that need work or are tired and dated, look no more! This home located in the quiet neighborhood of Park Manor is move in ready with new paint, new carpet, new blinds, updated kitchen with new floor and new appliances, and an updated bathroom. This one even has a breakfast bar overlooking a nice sized den/bonus room off the kitchen. With a HUGE fenced back yard, the possibilities are endless. Jump on this one before someone else does!

Learn more about 346 Conley Circle and other Montgomery real estate at

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