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Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Trends - April 2016

by The Hat Team

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for April 2016 show the number of homes sold increased 18.92%. The average sales price decreased by .38% to $152,959. The median sales price decreased by 4.14% from April 2015. Market times increased by 16 days.

Midtown Montgomery April 2016    April 2015
Homes Sold 44 37
Average Selling Price $152,959 $152,387
Median Selling Price $128,450 $134,000
Days On The Market 154 138
Highest Selling Price $515,000 $391,000
Lowest Selling Price $18,500 $14,000

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5 Tips For Creating More Privacy

by The Hat Team


So you have just made one of the biggest purchases of your life by buying a home of your own and now you need to make it a bit more private.  You have come to the right place!  Let’s look at a few tips for creating more privacy in your new home. 

  • If you happen to live in a big city where the houses are basically on top of each other you may want to line your floors with a lot of area rugs.  While this simple step to making more privacy in your new home sounds like a silly thing, it really will help to keep the noise level down to a minimum if your neighbors tend to be loud. 
  • Lined curtains are a perfect way to help your home feel like an oasis in the middle of the country even if it is not.  These types of curtains also help to filter out loud noises as well. 
  • If you have a spot on your windowsills to put planters they can aid you in making your home more private.  All you need to do is put some tall plants in the planters and voila, you will have more privacy from your neighbors. 
  • One good way to have privacy outdoors for your new home is by putting up a privacy fence.  Privacy fences can help to keep pets safe as well as make your outdoor area a nice place to “get away from it all”, which we can all use every now and again. 
  • Tall scrubs and trees are a great way to shield yourself from your neighbors and make your home feel more private.  Scrubs and trees will also help to make your new home more beautiful and help the environment as well. 
  • If you simply cannot feel enough privacy in your new home, you can hide in a reading nook under the stairs or in a small attic space so that you can escape from time to time from those around you.  If your new home doesn’t have a small space like this, you can likely make one quite easily. 

Lastly if privacy is extremely important to you, it may be worth your while to look for a home in the wide open country so that you don’t have to make any previsions for more privacy. 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 3426 Idlewild Ct

by The Hat Team

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

3426 Idlewild Ct, Montgomery AL 36106
MLS# 403403

2 Bedroom | 1 Bath | 1,335 square feet | Idlewild Cloverdale 

Charming Cloverdale Idlewild cottage in Midtown Montgomery tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac. This home is move-in ready with fresh paint, pretty hard wood floors and a cute updated kitchen. The nice sized bedrooms have ample closet space. The bright sunroom opens up to a large back yard with a great multi-level deck, a carport, a huge workshop with electricity and a second lockable storage unit. Walking distance to restaurants and entertainment. 

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.

3 Hacks For Selling Your Home Even With Children Living In It

by The Hat Team


You may think that it might be impossible to sell your home while you and your children are living in it, especially if you have a lot of small children.  Selling your home doesn’t have to be a major headache as there are many tips and tricks to get the job done even with the little ones running around making messes everywhere.  Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to sell your home despite the "little people".

  1. A good idea to get your kids involved in the process of selling your home is to get them to take care of any clutter they may see around the house.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be clutter they created, just any kind of mess that may be lying around will do.  Kids love to feel helpful and what better way to help them feel helpful than to get them to help.  If you have older kids you can perhaps motivate them with a bit of cash to get the job done correctly. 
  2. You and your kids need to make a plan for when someone comes to tour your home so that you can all get out of the house together and have something fun to do.  When you have a last minute showing you and your children will easily remember that plan and head out together to wherever you have already decided upon.  A good place to go if it is summertime or springtime is the local park; if it’s cold the library might be a good option. 
  3. Have your children be in charge of packing their own rooms away for the future move.  They can easily pick through their toys and pick out the ones they don’t play with as often and go ahead and pack them away in boxes.  This is also cool to do because once you finally make the big move it will feel like Christmas to them when they open the boxes filled with toys they had forgotten they had. 

Whatever you do, try to make the packing and moving as low key as you possibly can, for your sake as well as your children’s.  Kids can sense when you are upset or stressed about something and then they can upset and stressed.  Do your part to make the transition of selling your home as smooth as possible. 

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Broker Sandra Nickel, Hat Team.

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 2033 S Hull St

by The Hat Team

2033 s hull st

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

2033 S Hull St, Montgomery AL 36104
MLS# 403327

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2,485 square feet | Garden District

Incredible opportunity on a wonderful street in the Garden District. Situated on a beautiful lot with a park like setting in Midtown Montgomery, this house has tons of potential. Spacious rooms and tall ceilings make it feel like an open floor plan. Bring your decorator and put your own touch on this classic Garden District home.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.


Tips to Downsizing Your Home and Saving Big

by The Hat Team

downsizing your home

Although the economy has improved some over the last few years, it doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot better for most Americans.  A good way to save money is downsizing your home.  This is especially a good idea if you have already raised your family and you and your husband are left paying a mortgage on a home that is too large for you.  Let’s take a look at how downsizing your home will help you to save a bit of money, to live more comfortably as well as some easy ways that you can downsize.

  • One easy way to downsize is to look for a home that has a small garage or even no garage at all.  If you and your spouse are living in the home alone and your children are grown it is likely that you don’t have a bunch of stuff to store in a garage.  Buying a home without a garage is a great way to get more house for your money and to downsize your payment. 
  • Finding a home without a lot of land is another way to downsize and to save big.  You can find a lot of cute houses on the market these days that don’t have a ton of land with them.  It is also good to find a home without a lot of land if you are older and don’t have the stamina you once had to do all the yard work that is involved with a house with a lot of land attached. 
  • Buying a home that is one story is also a good way to downsize and to save when it comes to buying a new home.  Buying a home without stairs is good for when you get older as well because you won’t want to or may not be able to climb them once you get up in years. 
  • Realize that you don’t have to give up on the home of your dreams when you downsize.  There are plenty of adorable houses on the market that won’t break your bank account that are 1500 square feet or less.  Don’t let society dictate to you that you need a large house in order to fit in.  There are plenty of upsides to downsizing to a smaller home!

Once you set your mind in the right direction and you realize that you don’t need to have a huge house and that it’s no longer important to “keep up with the Jones’’ you will be well on your way to saving a lot of money.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Broker Sandra Nickel, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 3525 Bankhead Ave

by The Hat Team

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

3525 Bankhead Ave, Montgomery AL 36111
MLS# 403196

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2,650 square feet | Edgewood

Lovely Edgewood home on a beautiful lot situated on the east side of Bankhead Ave. Classic traditional ranch boasts a modern updated kitchen with granite counter-tops, beautiful hard wood floors, spacious bedrooms and plenty of closet space. Last, but not least, an unexpected fabulous Florida Room with huge stone fireplace and great space for entertaining friends or relaxing with the family. Great deck overlooking a large, pretty backyard with lush landscaping. Detached garage great for storage or a workshop. Check this wonderful home in Midtown Montgomery out today!

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Lauren Layfield, Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale: 802 E Fairview Ave

by The Hat Team

802 E Fariview Ave

Midtown Montgomery Home For Sale:

802 E Fairview Ave, Montgomery AL 36106
MLS# 403006

3 bedrooms | 2 baths | 2,502 square feet | Cloverdale

Stately Cloverdale in Midtown Montgomery home oozing charm and character. If you consider yourself an old house fan, and love vintage architecture, then this is the home for you. Large rooms with high ceilings grace the living areas, and 3 spacious bedrooms give more than adequate place for rest. Industrious buyers will love the staircase to unfinished attic space just waiting to be finished out into even more living space (or that PERFECT master suite.) Great views from the wide covered front porch, and bright Florida room on the back make perfect areas to relax and unwind. Detached garage with additional workshop/storage space as well as great unfinished basement area are an added bonus.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtor Billy Young, Sandra Nickel Hat Team.


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