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Montgomery Real Estate Podcast

by The Hat Team

The March edition covers Montgomery real estate market activity and we’ve got insights and strategies for you to successfully negotiate your contract for a win-win!

Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning.

Please join us!

The problems with the subprime mortgage market has been in the news lately with much speculation as to the effect this industry's woes will have on the real estate market and the economy as a whole.

Here is what the Wall Street Journal reported 3/12/07:

"Federal Reserve
Chairman Ben Bernanke and many other economists do not expect troubles in the subprime mortgage niche to impact the overall national economy, citing a low unemployment rate and income gains. Additionally, they point to data from the Labor Department indicating that only 8 percent of consumer spending is tied to the lowest-income Americans, who make up the bulk of subprime borrowers. However, the U.S. economy could suffer if investors and lenders begin shrinking the amount of credit available to prime borrowers--a scenario that sparked previous recessions. Furthermore, rising subprime foreclosures could worsen the housing downturn, with Lehman Brothers chief U.S. economist Ethan Harris anticipating a monthly increase in inventory of as much as 20,000 homes in 2008. California, Florida and other overheated markets--as well as Ohio, Michigan and others plagued by the downturn in manufacturing--would be hit the hardest."

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Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Report

by The Hat Team
Buyers It's Time To Buy! reports interest rates have been inching down for the past three weeks. This is icing on the cake for Midtown Montgomery home buyers who are benefiting from a moderately slower housing market. Sellers haven't been left out in the cold, however, as prices continue to rise. Take a look at the numbers. 

The number of single family homes in Midtown Montgomery (Midtown consists of neighborhoods south of I-85 between Exits 1 and 6) that sold in February increased by 8 or 20%!  And the number of pending listings decreased by only 3 homes or less than 2%. 

What's more, February 2007 saw market times of 169 days vs. 188 days in February 2006.  So demand is increasing along with prices. And average sales prices increased $24,140 or a whopping 17%. So it appears 2007 is well on its way to being another great year for Midtown.  




Market Times

Sales Price

February 2007





February 2006





Sellers are becoming more comptetitive in their pricing to attract today's ready, willing, and able buyers. Add to this the interest rates inching down...Buyers, it is time to buy!!

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Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. 

Montgomery AL Daylight Saving Reminder

by The Hat Team

Don't Forget

1. Move clocks AHEAD one hour.
2. Reset the time on your computer.
3. Change your smoke alarm battery.

This SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007!

And a reminder to call The Hat Team for your Montgomery, Al real estate needs. 800-428-5239

Borrowing Is More Difficult For Montgomery Home Buyers

by The Hat Team

Montgomery home buyers with poor credit are having a more difficult time qualifying for a mortgage in a changing real estate market due to sub-prime lending practices. Sub-prime lending is the loaning of money, primarily for home equity loans, to people with spotty credit or the credit challenged, shall we say.


Skyrocketing property values in the past few years made it easy for homeowners to borrow heavily against their homes with second mortgages and home-equity loans. But as housing prices have leveled off, overextended homeowners are now defaulting because they cannot afford higher mortgage payments and can no longer refinance.


Every where you look, including websites such as, you see information about the dramatic increase in foreclosures due to sub-prime lending. In the wake of increased foreclosures, lenders are tightening their belts and increasing loan qualification limits. The majority of sub-prime borrowers are either lower income or minority borrowers, and the stricter loan qualifications are making it tougher for them to obtain financing.


As these alternative credit programs (loans for credit-challenged borrowers) disappear, it becomes increasingly important that home-buyers deal with an agent whose background and training include mortgage financing techniques.  No matter how tough lenders become, they all have what is called a Community Reinvestment Act obligation to reach out to marginal borrowers. 


We, at The Hat Team, not only have the knowledge and experience to help you find financing for your new home, we have a network of well-qualified, reputable lenders who will do everything they can to assist you also.


You can learn more about us at or give us a call, 800-428-5239. We are at your service!

Alabama Ranks In Top 10 For Health Care

by The Hat Team

Expansion Management, a publication for executives looking to expand or relocate their businesses, awarded Alabama a 5-Star rating based on five major health care categories and ranked Alabama in the top 10 states in its annual 'Healthcare Cost Quotient' rankings.

Categories included health care facilities, health care providers, health insurance costs, health care provider costs, and malpractice insurance costs.  Full article...

5-Star rankings aid in bringing businesses and jobs to Alabama, which in turn increased our property values. Wondering what your property value is? Visit for a no-hassle home valuation. Your valuation will be emailed to you. And to talk with us in person, call 800-428-5239.

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