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Montgomery Real Estate: New Financial Definitions

by The Hat Team
Montgomery Real Estate: New Financial Definitions
Just a little end of the year humor...enjoy!!
New Financial Definitions
CEO – Chief Embezzlement Officer
CFO – Corporate Fraud Officer
Bull Market – A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.
Value Investing – The art of buying low and selling lower.
P/E Ratio – The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing.
Broker – What my broker has made me.
Standard & Poor – Your life in a nutshell.
Stock Analyst – Idiot who just downloaded your stock.
Stock Split – When your ex- and their lawyer split your assets equally between themselves.
Financial Planner – A guy whose phone has been disconnected.
Market Correction – The day after you buy stocks.
Cash Flow – The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.
Yahoo – What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share.
Windows – What you jump out of when you’re the sucker who bought Yahoo @$240.
Institutional Investor – Past year investor who’s now locked in a nuthouse.
Profit – An archaic word no longer in use.

Wishing you a prosperous 2009!
The above is courtesy of my friend and fellow agent, Chris Nolan,
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The Top 10 Events Impacting Montgomery Real Estate In 2008

by The Hat Team
As part of the annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report that is published every year during the first week of February, the research team wraps their four month study of the real estate industry by announcing the top 10 Newsmakers, Events and Trendsetters for the year.
The second list to be released is the top 10 events that during 2008 had the largest impact and influence on the real estate brokerage industry. Events are defined as those occurrences that transpired during the previous calendar year (2008) that made headlines and captured the attention of the real estate industry.  The selection of these events was based upon their potential future impact on the industry rather than only their 2008 impact.
The Top 10 Events impacting Real Estate for 2008 are:
1.     The Bailout: September 17th
Most notably the one single event of the year was the announcement of the "Silver Bullet" designed to save the country from the subprime collapse itself and the failure/buyout of major Wall Street firms and national banks.  Depending upon how effectively the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act's $700 billion is going to be allocated and managed it may prove to be the beginning of the turning point in the current economic recession.
2.     The Presidential Election
In one of the most competitive, contentious, divisive and yet historic political campaigns the country responded with the largest voter turnout in history to elect an African American, Barak Obama as president.  The "I have a dream" has taken a huge step toward fulfillment.  However, the new administration will have little time to reflect on victory as it faces serious economic challenges and a trillion dollar plus debt that will take years to resolve.
3.     In Memory Of: Countrywide, IndyMac, WAMU, Wachovia And Others
Barely one year ago in 2007 these companies were not only household names but were considered financial giants.  In one short year they have become a factoid of history.  Some filed for bankruptcy while others were acquired by the likes of Bank of America, the federal government, J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.  2008 reminded us that nothing lasts forever and everything is replaceable.  
4.     Facing Foreclosure Frenzy
As a direct fallout of the subprime collapse, the foreclosure rate in the U.S. hit staggering levels in 2008.  At the opening of the third quarter foreclosures were up 25% over the previous October with a reported one in every 452 of the country's homes in foreclosure.  RealtyTrac reported last October that there was a sharp decline in foreclosure filings but it still estimated that by the end of 2008 there would be more than one million REOs on the books.
5.   Home Prices Spiral Downward
The recession devastated many real estate markets across the country with the worst-performing towns and cities in places like central California, Miami and Las Vegas posting declines of 40% in 2008. The stranglehold on financing continued to drive home prices in many other places back to 2000 - 2002 levels, with predictions of continued declines in 2009 as unemployment reaches record highs and the financial meltdown spills over to other industries.
6.     NAR - DOJ Settlement
Finally the long and protracted 2½ year legal battle between NAR and the Department of Justice (DOJ) was put to rest as Judge Kennelly issued his final judgment in November.  In the end, NAR's longstanding Internet Data Exchange (IDX) policy was validated as NAR was deemed to have not admitted any liability or wrongdoing and no payments were made in conjunction with the settlement.  In addition, NAR has been cleared to reinstate an updated version of its Virtual Office Website (VOW) and the MLS has been preserved and strengthened in the process.  Now it's back to business.
7.     Brokers Go Bust
Changing names, merging, consolidating, filing bankruptcy and closing branches was on the order of the day throughout 2008 as literally thousands of real estate brokerages companies went out of business during 2008. This included many independents as well as franchises from just about every major brand including Century 21, EXIT and RE/MAX. Also filling for bankruptcy is national franchise Help-U-Sell and Web 2.0 newcomers such as Igglo. 2009 may see even more brokers closing up shop than 2008.
8.     Keeping It Short
Founded in 2006, Twitter moved into the mainstream this year as the next evolution in the social networking and micro-blogging environment.  By using short text-based posts (affectionately named "tweets"), staying in touch has been given a whole new meaning.  
9.     ActiveRain Explodes Past 100,000 Members
As we discussed in last year's report (Trend #1 - Two Worlds; One Industry) ActiveRain has moved to the head of the social networking line in the real estate industry.  With as many as 35,000 users logged on at the same time, no one else has even come close to reaching that many Realtors® at one time.  It goes without saying that ActiveRain has proven that social networking has made a home in real estate.
10. NAR Celebrates 100 Years
In May 1908, 120 men gathered in Chicago with the goal to "unite the real estate men of America." Today the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is America's largest trade association representing more than 1.2 million members. For 100 years, NAR and its members have established homeownership as a cornerstone of the American Dream and advocated private property rights as one of the fundamental principles that unite us as Americans. 2008 marked NAR's centennial birthday.
How many of these events impacted you or were/are you aware of?
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Community Involvement: Guerilla Marketing for the RIGHT Reason!

by The Hat Team
In his Guerilla Marketing Weekly Intelligence email today, Jay Conrad Levinson writes:
 “If you volunteer to work on a committee but are never available for meetings, or if you sponsor a little league team and don't show up for games, you're proving yourself to be crass and superficial, probably sucking up the community to get business instead of working for it for altruistic reasons. Consumers are more sophisticated than ever these days. People know the difference between serving the community and serving yourself. If you're not willing to devote honest time and energy to your community, you're better off skipping this weapon and leaving it to the real guerrillas in your community. I just hope for your sake that none are your direct competitors."
His post struck a real chord with me.  As a dedicated community volunteer, I sit on  many boards and committees.  And I am frequently frustrated—even angered—to read the membership lists of various volunteer groups  and note the names of many folks who never show up and/or do the work of the body.  I also get irritated when I am the only REALTOR involved in issues that have a direct bearing on the quality of life in our beloved Montgomery, Alabama.
Those of us who make a living selling real estate in this community have, in my not-so-humble opinion, an immense obligation to give back.  We are in positions of influence and can, if we choose, make a real difference.  And if more of us were involved, what a difference that would be!

Montgomery Schools Among Best In Nation

by The Hat Team
Montgomery Schools Among Best In Nation
Schools are an important decision when buying a home…even if you don’t have children. We all want the best education for our children. But schools also affect home values. If you put the same home in two different school districts, the home with the better schools is usually valued higher and will appreciate faster. Home buyers often think schools are better in outlying suburbs than in a city, but this is not the case in Montgomery.
U.S. News & World Report has chosen Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School as the 25th best high school in the nation. LAMP was the only Alabama public high school to receive a prestigious Gold Medal designation from the magazine.
Those of us who live in Montgomery are proud of, but not surprised by the gold Medal ranking as LAMP routinely produces state National Merit Scholarship winners, and its graduates win millions in scholarship money from some of the best colleges in the nation.
Bronze Medalists

We can are also proud of the three additional Montgomery high schools that are Bronze Medal winners: Carver High, Brewbaker Technology High, and Booker T. Washington High. A Bronze award places these schools among the top 1,900 public schools in the country.
Also designated as Bronze Medal Schools were Autaugaville and Billingsley high schools in Autauga County, AL.
21,000 public high schools were considered to determine its winners and fifty-four Alabama public high schools were ranked by U.S. News.
Three Alabama Silver Medalists include Mountain Brook High School, Vestavia Hills High, and Virgil Grissom High in Huntsville, as well as 50 Bronze Medal schools.
Academic and enrollment data were analyzed in a three-step process. The first step determined whether each school's students were performing better than statistically expected for the average student in the state. The second step determined whether the school's least-advantaged students were performing better than average for similar students in the state. Schools that did well on these first two steps were awarded Bronze Medals.
According to the Alabama Department of Education, schools that passed the first two steps became eligible for judging on the final step - college-readiness performance based on Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate test data.
Gold Medals went to the Top 100 high schools nationally with the highest college readiness index scores, Silver Medals to the next 504 high schools, and Bronze Medals to the next 1,321 high schools that passed the first two steps.
Congratulations to all of our Montgomery Medalist winners! Your hard work has paid off!! 
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