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How To Make Your Move a Success

by The Hat Team


The big day is almost here!  You and your family are moving out of your old house into the new home you have finally closed on!  It’s an exciting time, however moving can be a huge headache if you go into it unprepared.  Below are a few tips and ideas on how to make your move a success.

  • If you plan to hire a moving company to take care of your move for you, don’t be afraid to do your homework on the different moving companies.  There are some moving companies out there that will help to make your move a lot easier while there are others that can simply make the entire process a nightmare.  You owe it to yourself to do a bit of research and to find the best moving company you possibly can.
  • Another bit of advice for moving from one house to another is to prep for the move ahead of time.  Make sure that your movers know if they will be moving heavy things such as kitchen appliances and have them unplugged and cleaned out before the movers arrive so that they can easily and quickly get the heavy objects taken out of the way. 
  • Get your packing done before the big moving day arrives.  Moving companies do not want to be tripping over you while you are frantically packing last minute items into boxes that have yet to be taped and ready to move.  If you have your job done before the movers arrive, they will be able to get their job done in a quick and successful manner.  It’s also a good idea to stack your boxes against the walls of the rooms so that the movers can easily move about as they are working.  Again, if your job is done, their job will be easier and all will be happy.
  • Label your boxes so that movers will understand what room it goes in.  If you label the boxes with your kid’s names, it’s likely the movers will have no idea which room the box belongs in once they arrive at your new home.  Keep it simple and label the boxes accordingly. 

If you do your part to make sure you have done all you can do to make the move an easy process,  the moving company will be free to do their job and do it right.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Experts Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Land For Sale in Montgomery Alabama: 2662 Woodley Rd

by The Hat Team

Land For Sale in Montgomery Alabama:

2662 Woodley Road, Montgomery AL 36111
MLS# 305052

Build Your Dream Home!

2662 woodley road
Build your dream home here! Seller financing on this nicely treed lot keeps your credit unencumbered so getting a construction loan is possible. Surrounded by lovely executive residences and conveniently located to Baptist South complex, Alfa, downtown and businesses along Zelda Rd.

Marketed by Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Midtown Montgomery Market Trends - October 2015

by The Hat Team

dog in box

Moving into a new home during the holidays can be difficult and stressful. There are so many things to plan and prepare when it comes to either event, but to combine the two is extremely difficult. How are you going to celebrate the holidays while you are packing up your home?

If you stay on top of the process you can enjoy the holidays despite your move. Here are some ways you can do both!

  • New Traditions - You might be used to big, homemade meals around the dining room table, but maybe you change it up a bit.  Look for businesses that are open on that day and eat out or order in.  You can have the same sort of meal or you can go completely out of the box. This allows you to pack up your kitchen beforehand so you can enjoy the day more.
  • Create a Move Zone - Keep your jovial, holiday spirit separate from the pile of moving boxes and clutter by creating a moving zone. Put all of your boxes and items that are ready for the move in that room so you keep it out of the way.  
  • Go on Vacation- Pack and prepare your home for the move before the holidays arrive. Get everything ready to go then get out of town. Even if it is just the next town over, it may help your family relax and will allow you to enjoy the holidays without staring at blank walls, empty rooms, and moving boxes.

Take a look at the number of families who were able move and get settled prior to putting the turkey in the oven…

October 2015 Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Update

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for October 2015, show the number of homes sold increased 11.43% The average sales price increased by 30.8% to $154,589 for the month. The median sales price decreased by 2.91% from October 2014. Market times increased by 9 days.

Midtown Montgomery  October 2015   October 2014
Homes Sold 39 35
Average Selling Price $154,589 $118,183
Median Selling Price $100,000 $103,000
Days On The Market 147 138
Highest Selling Price $900,000 $285,000
Lowest Selling Price $5,120 $16,100

For the latest Midtown Montgomery real estate market conditions in your area, please call me at 800-HAT-LADY or visit

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

7 Questions You Must Answer Before Refinancing

by The Hat Team


Homeowners have a variety of reasons for refinancing their homes. Before you make a decision about refinancing your home, you might consider the following questions. Below is a summary of an article in RISMedia by Michele Lerner, a writer for

1. What are my financial goals? Are trying to lower your monthly payment? Check out an online mortgage calculator to estimate your new payment. Other homeowners are choosing to refinance for a shorter term to pay of their mortgage faster and save interest.

Before you make the decision to refinance, the professionals advise making sure you contribute to retirement savings and college savings, pay off high-interest debt, and save 6-12 months of expenses, because reducing your mortgage payment period will increase your monthly payment.

2. Do I have equity in my home?

You need at least 20% equity in your home to qualify for a new conventional loan without payment private mortgage insurance. The alternative might be applying for an FHA loan that requires much less equity.

3. Do I have good enough credit?

4. Credit scores are critical under the new federal lending guidelines. Below a score of 620, you will have trouble qualifying for a new loan at all. It takes a score of 720 or better to obtain the best interest rates.

5. How long do I plan to stay in this home?

Mortgage professionals general tell borrowers to expect to pay 3% to 6% of the loan amount for a refinance. If you divide that loan cost by the annual savings you expect by a reduced mortgage payment, you can find how many years it will take to break-even. Do you expect to stay in your home long enough to break even?

6. What are the terms of my current loans?

Make sure you know the terms of your current loan. Especially, make sure your existing mortgage does not have a prepayment penalty.

7. Do I have a second mortgage or a line credit?

If you do, there is added complexity to refinancing. You will have to either pay off the second loan or combine the two into one mortgage when you refinance.

Lenders have tightened up the approval process. Be sure to get professional advice from a lender about what levels of income, credit score, and equity you will need to refinance in your specific situation.

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Realtors Sandra Nickel Hat Team!

Let’s Hear It for Realtors!

by The Hat Team


Think you know what a real estate agent does on a daily basis?  You might have to think again in order to correctly identify all the responsibilities on the shoulders of your REALTOR (a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors).   You most likely would be surprised—and impressed—to discover the wide range and long list of activities undertaken by your REALTOR in your pursuit of buying/selling a home.

A basic job description would include renting, and buying, and selling (oh, my!) real estate for clients, interviewing potential clients, previewing and showing  property, discussing sales conditions, drawing up and presenting offers, holding open houses, and writing contracts—all the while meeting deadlines and hand-holding when necessary.  Oh, but there is so much more for your REALTOR to do, including, but certainly not limited to, the following duties:

  • Staying current with market trends in your area
  • Analyzing comparables
  • Exploring and evaluating mortgage options
  • Finding buyers or properties for clients
  • Scheduling appraisals
  • Keeping up with changing federal/state laws and program
  • Negotiating between parties
  • Preparing MLS listings
  • Promoting properties via ads, web sites, videos, and virtual tours
  • Completing required courses, attending seminars, and the like
  • Coordinating inspections, walk-thrus, and closings
  • Arranging for title searches

But did you know that the National Association of Realtors awards grants to groups of state and local real estate associates who attempt to go above and beyond in promoting and expanding housing opportunities in their communities?  These REALTORS work together to design and implement affordable housing programs and are thus eligible for the NAR grants twice a year.  In addition, the NAR offers programs, training, and resources for these groups.  Click here for details of the Housing Opportunity Program.

Remember, real estate doesn’t sell due to advertising alone. In fact, a large share of real estate sales comes as the result of a practitioner’s contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, and family. When a property is marketed with the help of a REALTOR®, you do not have to allow strangers into your home. Your REALTOR® will generally pre-screen and accompany qualified prospects through your property.                                                                                          

Contact us!  We’re qualified, experienced, and looking forward to assisting you.

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