Yard sales can be a lot of fun and most folks love it when they get a good deal on something, however if you aren’t careful with your purchases at yard sales you may end up with a trunk full of stuff you don’t really want.  Below are a few ideas on what NOT to buy at the next yard sale you attend. 

  1. Electronics may seem like a good thing to buy at a yard sale because you can typically get a super duper deal on them.  There typically is a reason why things are so cheap at yard sales and the reason might just be that the electronic in no longer in working condition.  It is a good idea if you do decide to purchase an electronic at a yard sale that you test it out before you leave the sale.  Many times the owners of the product will be happy to allow you to plug it in to see if it works.  If the owners of the electronic at the yard sale are not quite so accommodating, it’s best to just leave the electronic there and purchase it new at the store. 
  2. Another thing you may not want to purchase at a yard sale  are things for your baby such as car seats and cribs.  Many times these types of items have been recalled and since there is no way of knowing which ones may or may not be on the recall list, purchasing new is always the best way to go. 
  3. Yet another item you may not want to purchase at your local yard sale is make-up.  While we all love to get a good deal on some make up, think about where that makeup may or may not have been.  Most times you don’t personally know the folks having the yard sale where you are purchasing your items and therefore you don’t know how clean they are.  It is best if you want to buy used make-up that you purchase it from a close relative or friend. 

These are just a few ideas of some things that you may not want to purchase during your next yard sale adventure.  Some things are just better bought fresh from the store even if you have to pay three prices for them.  

Courtesy of Montgomery AL Real Estate Expert Sandra Nickel.