As the foreclosure saga continues, the situation becomes more and more complex, compounded in part by revelations of additional irregularities and by the outcry for congressional intervention. Obviously, the current snarl of accusations, litigation, and investigations is having a negative effect on Montgomery real estate.

Demand Stalled

dollar signAlthough the number of foreclosures continue to rise, the market for such homes has stalled, with many houses being removed from the selling market. In addition, would-be buyers of short sales and foreclosed properties are hesitant to purchase Montgomery real estate which might have dubious or incomplete documentation, thus decreasing the number of loan applications being received by lenders. Recent buyers of those types of properties are also affected, as they are often uncertain that they have a clear title to their newly purchased real estate. Their only recourse at this point is to go to another title company and request a title insurance quote.


So what is being done to resolve these problems? Recently the attorneys general of all fifty states agreed to conduct a serious joint investigation of the scandal. In addition to trying to reform the foreclosure system, they also have a goal of forcing banks and lenders to institute widespread loan modifications to help beleaguered homeowners. They intend to negotiate with lenders to create a nationwide fund to compensate borrowers who can prove they lost their home in an improper foreclosure, and they hope to force lenders to dedicate more funds to modifying the loans of homeowners who have missed payments and to bar those lenders from foreclosing while such modifications are being negotiated.

In addition, the Congressional Oversight Panel has now entered the foray, echoing concerns of consumer advocates and financial analysts, as has the Senate Banking Committee, chaired by Senator Chris Dodd. The latter body will hold hearings on the matter and is urging all parties involved to work together to find a solution for the housing crisis without delay.

And last, but certainly not least, impacted homeowners have begun to fight back in earnest. They are filing lawsuits which accuse lenders of failing to properly vet documents, foreclosing on homes already in a modification program, and a myriad of other unjustified and even illegal actions. And while these suits may provide necessary recourse for the injured parties, they will also delay those foreclosures which are actually justified.

Not Going Away

It is evident that the foreclosure fiasco is not going away and that there is no quick fix to reassure owners of Montgomery real estate, but at least the situation continues to be publicized and investigated, so an eventual end may be in sight. Stay tuned…