Shall I sell now or wait to see what happens in the real estate market? That is a decision facing numerous homeowners in this period of economic upheaval and uncertainty. For those who are forced to leave their Montgomery AL home because of a job transfer, a need for a smaller home, and/or a desire for a smaller mortgage payment, the question becomes one of whether to rent or sell their current property. Oh, for a crystal ball…       

There are, however, some valid reasons to sell at the present time. Many in the real estate or financial fields believe that the timing for home sales may not be as opportune for a long period in the future as it is now, and they base their “sell now” advice on the following reasons:

  • question markWould-be buyers in the fourth quarter of the year are historically serious buyers who are very apt to buy during this season. Thus, the seller may have fewer ‘lookers’ but more motivated purchasers.
  • Interest rates right now are invitingly low and provide a real incentive for the serious buyer of a Montgomery AL home. These fallen rates can also be an advantage to the seller who wants to buy another home.
  • If you do want to purchase another home, especially if you want to “trade up”, this is an optimum time to do so. The prices of more expensive houses have also dropped, sometimes considerably, and bargains are to be had in that market. Remember, too, that because there is a smaller pool of buyers for “high end” properties, those sellers may be more than willing to negotiate and lower their asking price.
  • Renting out your Montgomery AL home rather than selling it is not a financially secure consideration. As the economy worsens, renters will be looking to pay lower rents, so your rental income may very well be less than your monthly mortgage payments and expenses, a situation you certainly want to avoid.
  • The on-going foreclosure fiasco and the ensuing moratoriums positively support the idea of selling now. Many homes currently in the process of foreclosure are being removed from the market, and serious buyers are rightfully cautious about purchasing any short sale or foreclosed property. Therefore, your home, the one with a clear title and no irregularities, will be part of a new, “safe” inventory, one that will definitely attract buyers.
  • Once the moratoriums are removed, many “experts” expect that there will be a glut of distressed properties on the market, a situation that will most likely drive prices down even lower and greatly swell the inventory with which you will have to compete. Add to that the fact that the end of the first quarter traditionally brings a large increase of listings, and your Montgomery AL home could be easily overlooked.

It would appear, then, that there is no time like the present to sell your home. Opportunity is knocking--don’t let it pass you by!