Below are some highlights from a recent article in the Montgomery Advertiser that speaks of good news for Alabama’s economic outlook: 


Compass Bank hosted its Business Leader Confidence Index luncheon last Wednesday, and two experts said the economy is sending mixed signals that largely depend on where they originate and how large of an area they cover.  While the economic outlook for the nation as a whole is not great for at least the beginning of 2008, leaders agreed that the outlook for Montgomery is quite good.

"I think it is quite decisive," Sam Addy, president of Compass Bank, said. "People have good reasons to be optimistic.'

Locally, those reasons are obvious, he said.

Home prices over the past 10 years are up less in Montgomery than either nationally or statewide.

Montgomery's per capita income is 93 percent of the national average -- the highest it has ever been, he said -- and it is higher than the state average.

Alabama and Montgomery are in danger of creating jobs faster than they can fill them, meaning people are moving to the state and area.

He said business leaders trace that growth to a working partnership between government and industry.

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