Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Trends for March 2015

Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Trends for March 2015

This is a great time to think about buying home. Home prices and interest rates are still at all-time lows and springtime historically offers the most inventory to choose from. The biggest hurdle for many home buyers is saving money for a down payment. Here are 10 things to do on a regular basis to save money:

  1. piggy bankMake it automatic. Before you see your paycheck, have a percentage of it automatically deposited into your 401(k) and savings.
  2. Keep minimum funds in checking account. Transfer extra funds into your savings account where it will earn more interest than in our checking account.
  3. Don’t pay banking fees! Use your bank’s free bill pay, automatic deposits, free checks, and free reimbursements for all ATM fees.
  4. Use rewards credit cards. Use a credit card offering cash back on every purchase and pay the card off each month to eliminate interest fees.
  5. Actively search out deals. It never hurts to try and find a better deal, or request a better deal from your service providers.
  6. Drive smoothly. Accelerate smoothly and at a reasonable rate, and coast to a stop as often as possible. Also use cruise control on the highway. My car is rated to get 26 mpg around town and I regularly get 29. You can also use these tips to save money on gas, and use gas rewards credit cards to save money on fuel costs.
  7. Buy quality products. Quality items may cost more up front, but they last longer and generally provide better results than cheaper, inferior products. Examples of items you should buy higher quality - furniture, clothes and shoes, vehicles, and other items that will see a lot of use.
  8. Buy generic where applicable. You can save a lot of money on generic items for which the brand name product is essentially the same as the store brand. Food and medicines come to mind as items where generic products are good deals.
  9. Use coupons and rebates. Use coupons for oil changes, groceries, books, on-line purchases, and just about anything else we can find.
  10. Use store rewards cards. Many grocery stores have their own ‘reward cards’ saving you money each time your shop. If you are a senior, shop on designated senior citizen discount days.

Take a look at March 2015's real estate sales statistics.

March 2015 Midtown Montgomery Real Estate Market Update

Midtown Montgomery real estate sales statistics for March 2015, show the number of homes dropped 25% by 6 homes. The average sales price increased by .02% to $130,852 for the month. The median sales price decreased by 2.84% to $128,500, and market times decreased by 133 days.  The highest selling price increased by 16.84%, and the lowest selling home price increased by 43.3% compared to $8,025 from March 2014.

Midtown Montgomery  March 2015   March 2014
Homes Sold 18 24
Average Selling Price $130,852 $130,828
Median Selling Price $128,500 $132,250
Days On The Market 122 255
Highest Selling Price $277,500 $237,500
Lowest Selling Price $11,500 $8,025

For the latest Midtown Montgomery real estate market conditions in your area, please call me at 800-HAT-LADY or visit HomesForSaleInMontgomeryAlabama.com.

Information is provided by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

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