Sign Up for Your Santa Letter

Sign Up for Your Santa Letter

Surprise someone this holiday with a Letter From Santa!

As people around the world prepare for the joys that the holidays bring, one person has been preparing since last December! Santa Claus has been busy assembling toys and making changes to that famous list.

After Thanksgiving, things really get busy up at the North Pole. Santa and his crew of elves have to get all the toys and gifts ready for the big day, or shall I say night, Christmas Eve. Yes, there is no doubt no one works harder than Santa.

However, even though Santa is very busy, there is one thing he especially looks forward to—writing letters to all the good little boys and girls...regardless of their age. Santa sits down at his desk every evening after dinner, takes out his special pen and starts writing­-- Dear Michael, Dear Sarah...

This season, you can give your loved ones the joy of receiving a personalized letter from Santa Claus! It will even be postmarked from the North Pole. OH! This isn’t just for children – remember, everyone is a child at heart at Christmas so please feel free to fill out the form for children and adults alike. Simply click here and provide the needed information, no later than Friday, November 17, please.

This is free to our friends and clients, and we’re happy to add a little more joy to everyone’s holidays. So please respond today to ensure that your letters are sent!


Happy Holidays!!


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